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I have a strong feeling that I’m entering a phase of this blog where I won’t put as much focus on “providing content” as I will on “sharing a personal journey”. Which means that I’ll be writing many posts in the near future where I will NOT be focused on cool, pin-able images, or SEO rankings, or obtaining clicks (not that I ever really cared about those things, but still). I hope I don’t lose readers because of that. But if I do, oh well.

I’ll still occasionally post those kinds of posts, because sometimes, I want to share those things.

But for a little while, I’m going to steer toward journaling about a different adventure – though still in line with the main subject of this blog: Writing a Script With My Husband.

We’ve never worked together in this capacity before, and even so far, I’m noticing how it impacts our relationship. And I’d like to write about that here. I’ll have to be a bit vague, of course, until – and if – it’s time to share the details publicly. But I hope to at the very least give you all a taste of what it’s like to try to write a movie with your spouse. I figure it could be fun for a blog audience to experience the ride with me. Think of it like “Project Greenlight” or “The Chair” – though hopefully with more likeable characters (because, ugh, those two contestants annoyed and aggravated me so much!).

As I said in my very first post  on this blog:

“So hey, if you’re here right now, then lucky you! You’re in on the ground floor! Right at the beginning! You can journey along with us and see where we go, as we go. It’ll be a fun adventure. I hope. It might lead to disappointing conclusion. I don’t know how this will end. As always, I hope for the best, but brace for the worst. I’m glad you’re with us either way.”

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