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Ronni’s Review: Disclaimer here. I’ve been working from home since 2009, before working from home was a “thing”, and before I had kids. I’ve tried my hand in a number of different capacities: online teacher, tutor, blogging (though this isn’t really a “job”), direct sales, screenwriter (:)), freelance article submissions, entrepreneur/inventor (hah!), etc. so….I always find it interesting to read books and blogs that have sprung up in the wake of the current work-from-home popularity.

5 Steps to Landing Your First Work at Home Job by Cate Hoepner at The Fabuless Wife ($2.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
If you’re just getting started, 5 Steps to Landing Your First Work at Home Job will help you craft a resume, spot and avoid scams and launch your telecommuting career.

Ronni’s Review: 34 pages. Overall, a good guide for those who think they might want to go into working-from-home but just have no idea how to even start or what companies might be looking for. If you already know what line of WAH job you’re looking for, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re just feeling out the idea or wondering if you even have any marketable WAH skills, this might book might be a good place to start.

A Work at Home Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog and Brand by Lisa Marcia at Work-at-Home Mom University ($3.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
A Work at Home Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog & Brand is packed full of resources for mom entrepreneurs, including tricks of the trade, moneysaving tips, and DIY resources.

Ronni’s Review: 58 pages and then a 10 page bonus resource guide. For the price, I thought this was a pretty good resource. It covers creating a wordpress website (and all the fun and new vocabulary that comes with it, such as plugins, widgets, menus, etc) as well as how to design your website to look professional. The bonus resource guide was also really great – I even found a couple plugins listed that I went and uploaded already based on her suggestions.

Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook by Abby Lawson at Just a Girl and Her Blog ($25)
Take the guesswork out of growing your blog with Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging

Ronni’s Review: Soooooo, first, this book is thorough. Even comes with printables to turn it into a binder as well as a course outline, so all in all about 250 pages. If you’re wanting to start a blog or take your current blog to an actual “job” (or as they say in reality tv “to the next level”), then this book is probably for you. I admittedly have been very slow over the past 2 years in making my blog super legit, just because eh, I want the freedom to be myself in my smaller blog and am afraid that getting too big would make me fake, I guess. But even still, I find a lot of this interesting as I’ve ever-so-slowly dabbled into marketing avenues and promotions here and there. I’m not going to say that I think I’m going to learn tons of new things in this books myself…but I definitely see how another person starting out could get a whole heck of a lot of good advice for starting a blog in one place here.

Direct Sales Business Planner by Emily Rooney at My Love for Words ($15)
The 41-page Direct Sales Business Planner will help you organize your business with beautiful printables to keep track of your hostesses, plan parties, track your to-do list, and organize your calendar.

Ronni’s Review: This is cute and all, and I DO do some direct sales (yeah, Usborne Books & More! 🙂 ), however, you can find planners similar to this out there…or make your own. I’d made my own for free. So while this could be helpful to some, it really just felt like a general planner, with maybe some direct sales party stuff thrown in.

Summer Sanity Savers for the Work-at-Home-Mom by Prerna Malik at The Mom Writes ($9)
Get the tools you need to savor the sweetness that summer can bring to your home, business and family in Summer Sanity Savers for the Work-at-Home Mom.

Ronni’s Review: 44 pages. I gotta admit something here – trying to focus on anything with little kids around in a tiny house can drive a person insane. Today was not one of my good days, I’m sad to say. I was stressed to get some things finished and I snapped at my kids a couple several times. 🙁 I probably need this book desperately. However, as I skimmed though it, it seemed to tell me nothing I didn’t already know – i.e. stick to a schedule, waking up early before the kids, plan meals in advance, etc. – that I’m already failing at. Sigh. I might look back through this book again at some point. Or I might just admit defeat that I will never have my life together again and not even try, ha ha ha.


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