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Here’s the story of why I changed my blog name. I started this blog in February 2014 and titled it The Screenwriter’s Wife. 

At the time, my husband Kyle and I were in one of the hard times that come with the ebb and flow of life. Our marriage had been struggling, our finances had been struggling, our morale had been struggling, I was pregnant with our 2nd child, and every day was filled with tension. I felt trapped. I missed my old self. 

I had recently started entering sweepstakes & giveaways as a way of distracting myself from my life, which of course led me to “mom blogs”. I’d always previously enjoyed writing and thought a blog could be a good outlet for me. So I started The Screenwriter’s Wife. (there’s actually a whole other, harder-to-talk-about story about starting this blog and marriage and identify, which I don’t feel like going into here. But if you’re interested in the tough nitty-gritty of it all, see here)

A lot of things happened with this blog over the past 5 years. A lot of things happened in my life, and in my marriage, during that time. For more on all that, see here: My Husband’s Name is Kyle & Happy 5th Blogiversary To The Screenwriter’s Wife. I’ve known for awhile now that “The Screenwriter’s Wife” is no longer a fitting moniker for myself, but from a marketing standpoint, it felt difficult to change. So I just left it. 

Until two weeks ago.

I got away to go on a “mom vacation” to this nerdy conference thing (I’m going to write more about this thing, I really am, but I have to get up the courage to admit what it was first, lol). It was amazing. Six whole glorious days. To myself. Myself. Gah, I have not had that ability to focus on ME, just ME, for years and years. 

One early morning of this trip, around 4am or so after having stayed up all night drinking & bonding with a bunch of previous strangers (but now best friends, lol), I mentioned that I had a blog. They asked what it was called.  

I told them:
“The Screenwriter’s Wife”. 
And then I laughed.
These people were smart. I knew they knew. They knew that I knew. 
The Screenwriter’s Wife was not the right name for me anymore.

Yes, I’m still married to a screenwriter. 
Yes, I’m still devoted to my marriage relationship
In fact, our marriage is much stronger now than when I first started this blog.

I’m also more than JUST a wife. Obviously. And since I started my blog over 5 years ago, my life has expanded. Evolved. I’ve grown. Gained self-acceptance. Self-confidence. I started this blog with the assumption that a having a successful marriage relationship meant that you had to be a half to the whole

But I was wrong.
A marriage isn’t made up of two half-people – but of two whole people

I am my own person. Kyle is his own person. We are not always in agreeance. We are not the same person. 

It apparently took me way too many years of marriage to figure this out, but whatever. It is what it is and here I am. Still married to a screenwriter, but no longer The Screenwriter’s Wife

I’m now just Ronni Peck.
Wife. Mom. Blogger. Over thinker. Wannabe screenwriter. And all the other things too. This is my story for this chapter of my life and I’m calling it:

The Mom Life Story

(and though it sounds like I’m going from defining myself in terms of another individual to defining myself in terms of three smaller people – I’d like to think I’m not defining myself in terms of ‘being a mom’, but that I’m just telling my story of this one part of my life…but give me 5 years and we’ll see if I change the title again. 🙂 )

Because mom life is crazy and it makes me feel slightly less crazy to tell everyone else about it. So I figured I might as well do it, and that’s the reason why I changed my blog name.



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