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12111933_838118949649250_4820634519049974946_nIf you follow me on facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen me share links to the stories I’ve published on the website I Believe In Love. IBIL is a collection of stories about relationships: dating, marriage, and friendship, and I’ve been privileged to share several of my stories there about love and marriage. Below is an expert from one of my recently published stories. 


I’ve lately been seeing people post about adorable and very Instagram-worthy ways of asking someone to prom, aka “promposals”. When I see all the creativity that has gone into some of these I can’t help but smile – not just because some of them are cute – but because it reminds me so much of what I’d once hoped and dreamed for in my own marriage proposal.

See, maybe I’m just weird, but as a young woman I didn’t really dream much about the details of my future dream wedding. What I did dream about was an amazing and extravagant marriage proposal though. To me, THAT was the big deal. So I absolutely knew that I wanted my future man to do something special. Really special. I wanted him to go out of his way to plan something big that would show me just how much he wanted me to be his wife. I wanted him to “prove” that my love was worth the effort it took to propose to me properly.

But, yeah….then real life happened. And real life doesn’t always work out as we naively imagine that it will.

In the weeks before the proposal, everything fell into place. We’d been talking about marriage seriously and KP was given a family heirloom engagement ring that was just my style and fit exactly. Since I was about to travel out of town for work for a month, I told KP I wanted him to plan something special for us before I left. So I knew the when engagement was coming, I just didn’t know exactly how.

At some point in our dating relationship I’m sure I’d told KP that I’d had grand and extravagant expectations for my future marriage proposal that he would need to live up to…or maybe I never did and just assumed that he’d know me well enough to know? I’m not sure; it’s hard to remember all the details now in looking back.

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But I DO remember all the details of the actual engagement day. 

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