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when rocksbox goes bad3/25/17 note: I originally wrote the below post back about “When Rocksbox Goes Bad” in Oct. ’16, but never added pictures and it just sat in my drafts folder (along with sadly many other posts abandoned for one reason or another). I’m going through my drafts folder now, trying to throw some of them out into the light of day to see what comes from them. Enjoy. But sorry I’m just now posting too.


If you remember this post from earlier this summer, I was all excited about this rental jewelry subscription box service called Rocksbox. I do really enjoy the service and have kept it up since then, so I figure I might as well put up an update here on the blog for anyone interested. 

(3/25/17 note: I STILL subscribe to Rocksbox! It’s a fun little service for myself and trying out new jewelry gives me just a tiny bit of pep in my step to get me out of the house some days. lol, that is such a boring SAHM-type comment, but whatever, either way, it’s true. :)) 

First, want to know more about how the Rocksbox service works? See here for my first Rocksbox review post where I explain it a bit more. 

Rocksbox Set #3 – received August 18

But first, an update on Box #2: I ended up keeping and buying the earring set. They were only $11 and I liked them. I wear them all. the. time. now. If you know me in real life, I’ll probably be wearing them the next time you see me. 

In Box #3, I received some stud earrings, a gold bar necklace, and a long, gold and teal fringe type necklace. 

I wore the studs a few times (and even received compliments on them, thankyouverymuch), the bar necklace almost constantly, and the fringe necklace only once or twice sadly. I really liked the fringe necklace and it was so fun! I just no where fun to wear it. 

I aaaalmost considered buying the necklace, however, um, I broke it. 🙁 The chain part connected to the bar got caught in my hair when I was trying to take it off and the chain broke. I was so nervous that I was going to have to pay for the whole thing (or have to pay a ridiculous fee for a jewelry repair), but I emailed Rocksbox, told them what happened, and they told me to just send back in. Just like that!

If it was repairable, they would repair it, and if not, they’d take it out of circulation. So I sent it back in aaannd I never heard another word about it or got a bill from them or anything! So, in case you were wondering, now you know – if you accidentally cause minor, repairable damage to a Rocksbox jewelry piece, you’re probably going to be just fine. 🙂 

Rocksbox Set #4 – received Sept. 18

Unfortunately, I was not a fan of this box at all. I suppose I was partially to blame, as I’d added the studs to my wish list without checking the size of them first. The stylist had no way of knowing that I wouldn’t actually like them. 

Either way, I sent the box back the day I received it. I left negative, but honest, feedback:

I didn’t expect Rocksbox to do anything on their end. Everyone gets a dud from time to time, and I figured my next box would be wonderful again. However, not even two days after returning the box, I got this email:


I thought it was really nice for Rocksbox to be proactive like this! Since then, I’ve had no problems with Rocksbox and still wholeheartedly recommend it!

If you’re interested in trying Rocksbox, you should go for it! And if you use my code – RonniBFF – you’ll get a FREE month (you do have to put in credit card info when you sign up, but just mark on your calendar when you need to cancel by). You can also check out my previous Rocksbox review as well.  

Wondering how to return a Rocksbox back when you’re done? 
It’s extremely easy. For real. Returning is not an issue at all (as long as you hold on to your packaging and prepaid label, that is!)

Step 1: When your box arrives, it come in a padded white envelope. You open the envelope with the top tear strip and then store the envelope somewhere safe (I keep mine in my dresser) to use to return with.

Step 2: Inside the blue box is a prepaid packing label. Don’t lose this. (I keep it in the blue box and the box on my dresser)

Step 3: When it comes time to return, place the jewelry into the individual cloth bags, put the cloth bags back into the blue box, and put the box back into the padded white envelope.

Step 4: The padded envelope has a second strip of adhesive tape for you to use to seal the package with.


Step 5: Place the prepaid label over the original mailing label, being sure to completely cover the first label.

Step 6: Drop in the nearest mailbox. 


I hope you’ll consider giving Rocksbox a try! It’s $21/month for unlimited jewelry rental (w/quick shipping turnarounds), and don’t forget that if you use my code RONNIBFF, you’ll get your first month free. 

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