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I’m feeling quite tongue-in-cheek at the moment and I’ve recently been scouring¬†Amazon for interesting, quirky, and unique gift ideas and thought I’d share some of my finds. Check out the unique gift guide for those with unique tastes below. Hey, you never know, maybe you’ll find that one thing for the person who you never find anything for. ūüôā

For those who don’t have young kids and can actually have nice things:

For the OCD traveler:

For those who long to go into the wild:

For those who pretend they’re¬†old enough to know what it was really like:

For those who secretly love technology though they pretend to eschew modernity:

For the new parents determined¬†to be the “cool parents” and not let parenthood cramp their hip style:

For those who who never saw A Christmas Story and have no idea what could go wrong:

For those trying to find balance in their life:

For those annoyingly immature friends:

For those who want to feel (& look) smart:

For the eternal optimist:

For the melancholy:

For pet people:

For the pregnant and/or exhausted mom of 2+ littles who just can’t imagine bending down to pick up yet another¬†toy:


More to come!!! ūüôā

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