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unbox-love_aug16-revewUnbox Love is the very first date night subscription box service I ever stumbled upon and I can’t believe that I’m just now FINALLY doing an actual review for them! So without further ado, here it finally is: My Unbox Love Review of their August 2016 Frisbee Golf date night box.
(Disclaimer: I was given a free box to review, but I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own!)

So it was a strange summer for KP and I. Periods of waiting, impatience, hope, uncertainty, change, etc, etc, etc… basically just how our life always is: up in the air. On top of this, KP took on a new position in his job which has meant late nights only to come home and do more work. Couple time has been hard to come by. As much as I’ve set myself up as this “expert” on date night subscription boxes and the importance of making time to spend with your spouse… I wasn’t exactly heeding my own advice. 

stack-of-date-night-boxesDate night subscription boxes to review began piling up on my dresser. So, unfortunately I must admit that as much as I was looking forward to finally trying out an Unbox Love box, finally getting KP and I to sit down to do a date night felt like a bit of a forced obligation.

So when I pulled out the Unbox Love box to start our date, it was already pretty late at night, aaand…. I discovered that this month’s box was supposed to be an OUTDOOR, DAYTIME date! So, I failed to prepare and let this be a lesson to everyone else – open your box beforehand to see what you’ll be doing and maybe prepare a bit more than I did, ha ha. 


Anyway – I’m nothing if not an expert in making do, so we improvised the date a bit. 🙂

  • A picnic outside became a picnic on the living room floor. By the way, can I say how impressed I was to get a real, nice fleece picnic blanket that we can use again and again?
  • Super cool frisbees became snack plates. (that I later discovered turned from blue to purple when I took them out in the sunlight the next day! My kids think these are the coolest things ever, and excitedly go from inside to outside with them over and over – It’s blue; it’s purple, it’s blue, it’s purple!)
  • The Unbox Love box became a table for our appropriately-colored blue plastic wine glasses. 


img_5835-853x1280We dove straight into the Unbox Love Connection Card Game.

And then ate the delicious snacks.

And then we just talked. And then we kept talking.

And even though I don’t have pictures to show for it (because I stopped focusing on “documenting” our date night at this point, and started living it instead), KP and I just kind of hung out for another hour or so, talking. And it was fun. 

So if that’s the point of these at home date night boxes, to get us to spend quality time together, then this Unbox Love date night box absolutely delivered! Even if the date night started out with a bit more of an obligatory feel, ha ha. I’m so glad we stuck out our commitment to the evening; it was well worth it!

Overall consensus:
We enjoyed the date! The blanket and frisbees were really nice and will definitely be used again (my kids already play with them regularly) and though it’s kind a funny thing to review, I really liked the yummy trail mixes! 

I’d recommend Unbox Love for anyone in a serious relationship. 

– I love that every box comes with some sort of game that can be reused over and over. 
– High quality materials. 

– I probably should’ve read the date materials beforehand, so I would’ve known to prepare for an outdoor, daytime date! (but this is user error)

Unbox Love info:
– $34 – $39/mo; 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month plans available
– FREE shipping
– Use this PROMO CODE for $10 off! SCREENWRITER
– intended for couples in committed relationships. 
– every month of Unbox Love typically includes some sort of board, dice, or card game that can be reused again and again.
– Boxes also include: activity supplies, themed snacks, instructions and conversation starters

Thanks Unbox Love for letting us try out one of your boxes!

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  1. I so love reading these posts/blogs, because you are my children and it is important to me that you are happy and enjoying life and each other.

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