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If you’ve been reading me awhile, you know that I’m waaay into date night subscription boxes. I’ve been lucky to be able to review quite a few. While Unbox Love was the very first date night box that I discovered, my last review for them was over a year and a half ago! 

Thankfully, I’m here to do a bit of an update and show you some of the new things that Unbox Love is up to now. 

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Unbox Love but they don’t tell me what to write or edit my words – this is all me! My own thoughts, my own opinion, my own experience.

Unbox Love‘s theme this month was “Be Thankful”. What I liked about this box was that it included a bunch of activities for you and your spouse to do, and while there was a loose structure to the date, it was easy to adapt to whichever order you wished.

Box contents:
– Instruction cards
– Blockade block stacking game
– Gluten-free snacks and cocktail mixes
– Sliquid lubricant samples

– and more!


We started the date by (diving straight into the snacks – more on those below) and the Appreciation activity. KP and I each wrote something that we appreciated about each other in the past, present and future. I think we were supposed to wait to read them out loud to each other, but we ended up just reading them to each other right afterward! 

Also, gonna take a moment here to appreciate the snacks in this box too. We’re not a gluten-free family, but I do appreciate overall more healthy snacking options, and these cookie things were delicious. We ate all 4 bags in one sitting! 

And these Minute Mixology packet things? Super cool. I just wish we’d had bourbon on hand to make them! (KP had some scotch which is used in the picture, but according to KP it wouldn’t be an appropriate substitution, so I left it at that). But I’ll be checking out there other flavors for sure! (Amazon link / Minute Mixology website)

Ooh, and if you happened to order this Unbox Love box you received a promo code for 20% off your Minute Mixology order, but of course I’m not going to tell you the promo code because it’s just for Unbox Love subscribers, which you could be too if you signed up. 😉 


Our favorite part of the date was probably the the game of Blockade.
  One thing I loved about this box as that it included a nice, full size game that can be played over and over (and it seems like many Unbox Love boxes include some sort of game).  As with many new games, it took a couple minutes of reading and understanding the rules in order to figure out the game play, but once we got started, it was a lot of fun. And competitive. There were definitely a few times that we could’ve been really mean to each other in piece placement, but we chose to be kinder instead. Either way, KP’s tower fell first and I won!! 🙂 


The last “official” date night activity had us writing a letter of appreciation to a military member though A Million Thanks, but I’m ashamed to admit that we skipped over this part, and instead moved to the suggested Ultimate Intimacy app. 

A) I was SUPER intrigued at this and LOVED that someone created an app that can be used to help couples in the moment and in the privacy of their bedrooms!! It’s actually similar to an idea I’ve had for the longest idea but not the time or energy to pull off – so I was trilled to see that someone had been working on it. (Although I had once been contacted by the makers of another app called Marriage Fun that I think wanted to do something similar to this, but imho, weren’t yet there and ready to pull it off – this Ultimate Intimacy app did a much better job.)

However, I must touch a bit on one of my biggest pet peeves:

B) This has nothing at all to do with Unbox Love and again, I’m really excited that someone thought to create this app. But, just in case this review happens to reach the creators of the app, I’d like to STRONGLY SUGGEST dropping the whole “Christian-friendly” marketing thing. Grr. I cant tell you how much this annoys me. I get they were trying to convey – they believe there’s a lack of material on the market that promotes intimacy in marriage without using provocative imagery. I get that. That’s a good idea and I can see why many couples might be looking for that safety within their own marriage intimacy explorations. 

BUT. But, but, but. This is not something that is limited to “Christian” couples only! Why make “Christian-friendly” a huge selling point when many couples, regardless of their particular faith belief, can share this exact same desire for a more wholesome view of marriage intimacy? Why limit these ideas to a particular religious belief?? Can other married couples not share these ideas and also be a target audience?? Instead of “Christian-friendly” why not just call this app what it actually is: a couples intimacy strengthening app committed to using respectful, marriage-affirming, imagery. 

C) Yes, I think the idea of this app is great. But no, (despite how the creators labeled it) it has nothing to do with Christianity AT ALL — it’s not like they quote Bible verses to you with each sex position, har har. And yes, it can be used by any male-female couple, and yes, it’s a very beneficial app offering out there that I’m excited about. But all in all, I really, really, really wish they’d drop the whole “Christian-friendly” aspect from their marketing.


Hah, oops, sorry to leave the date on such a dour note! I should note that KP’s and mine date did not end on a dour note. Not at all. 😉 

I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but if you’re a couple that enjoys playing board games, Unbox Love seems to very often include games in their boxes that you can keep and play over and over and they might be a good fit for you. 

For all the other good info on Unbox Love – see below!


All the details about Unbox Love:

  • $34 – $39/month depending on subscription length 
  • FREE shipping in the U.S.

  • Subscription charges the 1st of each month and ships out around the 10th. (**see note about holiday shipping below**)

  • HOLIDAY DELIVERY INFO: Though the date night box typically ships out around the 10th if order by the 1st – for the holiday season, Unbox Love will give you the option to ship out your first box right away up, up until the 21st. If you miss the deadline, you’ll also be offered a printable voucher that you can wrap and present. 🙂 

Thanks so much Unbox Love for letting us review your November 2018 Be Thankful date night box!

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