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Note: This is an OUTDATED review for the 2015 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Are you looking for a different bundle review? See all my other Ultimate Bundles reviews HERE. 


The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (that I’m doing my very first giveaway for) began yesterday. I totally meant to write up a whole post about the books/courses/bonuses in the bundle and my review of the bundle overall, but well, I didn’t get it up yesterday. Oh well.

However, I did look though almost every. single. item. included in the bundle. Below are my highlights of the bundle overall. If this bundle sounds like something of interest to you, feel free to enter my giveaway. I mean, why not? You could win the whole Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for FREE. And free is always awesome.

Note: I do want to emphasize that many of the books/courses/bonuses in this bundle are religious/Christian in nature. Some are very explicitly religious, some only have small references that can be glanced over. Since I have a varied audience, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, non-religious, etc, I know that this bundle might not be suited for everyone – but either way, it might be worth looking over the included items yourself to see if it’s something you would find valuable. After all, it IS an incredible deal and you’re likely to find enough stuff included to make it worth it for you.

(Also, just to be clear: yes, these are affiliate links below, but I’m not doing this post just to make any money. I won’t make any money from it, ha ha. I’m doing this because *I’VE* always been interested in these Ultimate Bundle things and figure that my honest review might be helpful to someone. Oh, and also, because I wanted to host my first giveaway and thought this could bundle could be a fun prize. 🙂 )

Below you will find pictures of everything included in the bundle, along with my highlights that I personally think are the most worthwhile portions.

I didn’t really look through any of the cleaning books yet. Probably because I’m awful at cleaning my house and didn’t want to make myself feel even worse about it. 🙂

Handmade Walls (Amazon link) – oh man, I wish I had this in print, not just as an ebook. It’s worth checking this out on the Amazon “Peek Inside” to get a feel for this beautiful book. Reg. $9.99

Become a Frugalista – I have to admit that I mostly already know all the tricks and tips in this book, as trust me, I’d looked up EVERYTHING possible we could do to save during our lean years. However, what I like about this book is that it lays it all out there for anyone else who might be wanting a complete go-to guide on all the ways out there to save money. I liked the layout of the book, too. I should also make a plug for Susan’s FREE Mom Planner that she puts out each year. I’ve used these weekly planners on and off over the past two years, and recommend them. Reg. $2.99

Hope Thriving While Unemployed (Amazon link) – Even though I’ve been keeping a bit quiet about it, I’m currently unemployed. And it’s really affecting me and my direction and purpose (I feel a blog post about all this bursting forth soon). While during mine and KP’s seasons of unemployment over the years, we’ve sometimes followed different paths than suggested in this book – what I did appreciate is that it gives the reader a practical plan. When you first find yourself unemployed, it’s often overwhelming to know what to do first and what to keep doing as the unemployment period lasts longer than you planned. Note that there are just a couple of biblical references in this book, so if non-Christian, you can skip over those small parts. Reg. $4.99

Ok, I didn’t look through any of the cookbooks either. I probably should have. But I already have so many recipes saved on pinterest and so many free ebooks I’ve downloaded with recipes that I just can’t anymore. Not to mention how many recipes I have saved to my favorite meal planning website Plan to Eat.

Backward Meal Planning – what I liked about this what that it made me feel ok about how often I’ve failed in the past when it comes to meal planning. Sure, sometimes I go through a spurt where I make a bunch of frozen meals ahead of time, but most of the time, the forethought to plan out an entire week’s worth of meals is too much for me. So I appreciate that this short ebook gave me ‘permission’ to meal plan the way I usually do instead: backwards. Reg. $2.99

Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters (Amazon link) – Whoa. This ebook is like a compilation of a couple dozen “10 Things to Make With…” Pinterest pins all in one place! I didn’t get a chance to look through the book in depth, and I kind of wish I could have all this info on Pinterest where I’m likely to see and process it all better, but even still, I think there’s a lot of good stuff here. I really liked all the printables as quick reference guides. Reg. $4.99

Costco Slow Cooker Freezer Meals – hey, I’m pretty sure I already have this pinned! It’s nice to have all together though and easy to print out though. Also includes labels to print for each meal, which is nice. Someday I really do want to try one of these lists completely and shop only at Costco, just to see if it really works. Reg. $5

More Feasts – eek, not gonna lie, I was pretty excited that I saw that this was being offered as part of the bundle. I’ve been reading Haley’s blog for a little while now, *maybe* may meet her in July, and totally brand new to the idea of the liturgical calendar. I only briefly scrolled through this for right now, but plan to revisit soon. Reg. $3.99

Pocket Chart Calendar Bundle – ok, I’m a nerd, but this makes me want, need to buy a pocket calendar for C. We already have a schedule chart (that I do a bad just at keeping updated), but C is totally into things like calendars and charts. This has all the printables to do a calendar charts, including number dates, months titles, and holidays. Reg. $3.50

Preschool Alphabet Packet – you know, I really like all of these. Really, really like these. Shows how to draw each letter, practice drawing lines, underlining letters, etc. Several activities for each letter. The more I look through them, the more I want to print them out and use them with C. She’d love them. Reg. $4

Hmm. I’m going to be honest. I only briefly looked at these books, but none in depth enough to recommend here. If you’ve been reading my blog, you certainly know that I’m ALL FOR sharing marriage advice and being honest about marriage. It’s one of the goals of my entire blog! However, something I’m always on the hunt for is good marriage support books/articles/resources that can be used with both religious and non-religious couples. The books included here will certainly be helpful and inspirational to some, though they may not be suited to everyone who reads my blog. I encourage you to check out the books for yourself here.

I largely skipped over this section. Don’t get me wrong, I have many, many, many days where I’m totally exhausted as a mom and especially now in this current stint as a SAHM, I’m conflicted over my direction in life and what I’m contributing to the world while stuck at home with to young children (that I love dearly though). But, well, I think I personally need more encouragement in other parts of my life right now (cough, cough, organization). Being a mom is tough sometimes, but I’m happy being a mom too right now. Plus, there’s just way too many other books to look through in this bundle instead! Ahh!!!

Oh gosh, I wanted to look through all these books because I do seriously need to organize my life. I have a gazillion pins saved all about ways to organize my life. But I’m someone who can spend so much time researching the best method beforehand on how to do anything that my mind ends up getting burnt out before I even start a project. So I decided to only open one of these organizing books for now. I can look at the others later.

Project Organize Your Entire Life (Amazon link) – I choose this book, of all the organizing ebooks offered, because the cover looked the most interesting and it was he most expensive list price, so I figured it would be the best. 🙂 I actually liked the book. It was short, organized, realistic and practical. I think I’ll come back to this. There’s a whole bunch of printables included too, though to be honest, I feel like I can find most of these kinds of printables for free online. And I may still prefer The Confident Mom’s FREE Planner the best for myself. Still, I thought the book was worthwhile. Reg. $14.98

Cloth Diapers: A How To Handbook (Amazon link) – overall this was a pretty good guide to cloth diapering, which yes, can be extremely overwhelming when you start off. Reg. $5.99

Early Potty Training (Amazon link) – Potty training C was awful. Beforehand I had read EVERYTHING on PTing and all the different methods and I thought I was totally going to rock it. No, it was awful. Every “method” I tried to follow just backfired on me. I should have instead used what I knew about my own daughter’s personality and just taught her as it came naturally to me instead of trying to force myself into a particular method. Sigh. So I kind of hate potty training books. I did skim through the first half of this book. By “early potty training” this book is looking at an age range of 10-12 months or so. While I do think that early potty training is a possibility, I also think that potty training before the child is able to pull up and down his or her own pants is a lot of extra work on the parent. Still, this book may be of help to some, so I’m putting it in here. Reg. $3.99

I only looked through the essential oils book in this lot. It wasn’t even an ebook, just a four page document with a bunch of links to their website. Their website was actually incredibly hepful and informative – but the ebook? Eh, not really an ebook. 🙁

How She Does It (Amazon link) – I only skimmed through the first 20 pages, but I will be back to read more. What I liked about this book is that it didn’t make me feel bad for being a working/distracted mom while at home. While the theme of this ultimate bundle is obviously homemaking, I’ll admit that I’m not a good homemaker. I want to be, but I’m not really good at it. I’m too distracted by wanting to follow other pursuits. ESPECIALLY NOW, while I’m in this in-between stage of life, having just shed one career I previously defined myself by and am trying to figure out which career direction to head next (entrepreneurial inventor, perhaps?) I will definitely be back to read this in more depth. Reg. $4.99

How to Be a Work at Home Mom – I have been a Work at Home Mom (or WAHM) since before I was a mom, ha ha. I’ve been working from home since 2009, back when working from home (and certainly teaching from home) was still a uncommon concept to many. I’ve long since adjusted to the loneliness and isolation that comes from being an island. I thought the best section of this book is the chapter on Common Work-At-Home Pitfalls. Reg. $17

How to Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul (Amazon link) – I’ve heard of this book before. I’ve also heard of the author, Ruth Soukup as a suggested go-to from creating a blogging business. Not that I’m planning to actually seriously blog as a job, oh no. But I at least like learning. And I’d like to feel like I could someday have a voice in the sea of blogs and internet articles and social media, and blah, blah, alllllll of everything’s that out there. So I was interested in this book. 214 reviews on Amazon with a 4.7 rating, by the way. In my opinion, this book was one of the things included in thie bundle that made me consider buying it in the first place. I haven’t yet had time to go through this book in depth, but man, it looks like there’s some good stuff in it! I only wish I had it in hard copy now so I could thumb through it easier! Reg. $9.99

A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies – I have a thing for natural home remedies. I always have, even before they were cool. Even as a kid, my mom a small little handbook on home remedies and I read that thing from cover to cover. I’ve always been interested in the idea of being able to have some control over our own minor health issues. Plus I liked knowing what I could do if ever in a situation where I couldn’t otherwise get medical help. This course is all online and is a series of powerpoint presentation videos, which eh, aren’t totally my thing. Luckily, you can download their Remedy Reference Guide Book and Remedy Recipe Book. I almost wish I could have these as printed copies though instead of just as a .pdf. There is seriously so much in this course. I’ll have to come back and look through it more someday when I have the time. Reg. $99

Grocery University – I personally don’t like audio courses, which is what this is, but I still love Crystal Paine, aka Money Saving Mom, so I’ll list this here anyway. This course will teach you how to stretch your grocery budget. I haven’t listened to it, but I’m sure it’s great! 🙂 Reg. $9.97

The Healthy Home – whoa, this is like a real course with quizzes and everything! I mean, I don’t think it’s too hard or anything, and the quizzes probably help you retain the information, but oh gosh – this one is seriously educational! I’m kind of impressed! Reg. $95

Craftsy – yay! Another free Craftsy course! Unfortunately, none of the free offerings caught my eye as much as the “Make Your Own Bra” one from the previous Ultimate Bundle. Either way, I went with 40 Techniques Ever Sewer Should Know so I can brush up on my sewing skills. Valur up to $60.

Green Kids Crafts – Woohoo, a free kid’s subscription box! You DO have to sign up for the automatic monthly subscription though, and then cancel later, which is kind of a bummer, but eh, it’s still a free box and I’m excited about that. 🙂 Reg. $19.95

So there you go! A sampling of what I feel to be the best of the best the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has to offer! If you’d like more information on the items I didn’t talk about, you can go here to see the full list.

~~ OR, you can also click here to enter my giveaway and win a FREE Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! Why not? YOU could be the winner! ~~

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