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12111933_838118949649250_4820634519049974946_nIf you follow me on facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen me share links to the stories I’ve published on the website I Believe In Love. IBIL is a collection of stories about relationships: dating, marriage, and friendship, and I’ve been privileged to share several of my stories there about love and marriage. Below is an expert from one of my recently published stories. 

husband wife writing teamMy husband is a writer, which means he spends a lot of time in his head, silently piecing together ideas and characters and storylines, and I have no idea what’s going on in there. After years of watching his mental processing from an outside perspective, I decided that I wanted to share this part of his life with him and broached the idea of us writing something together.

But he didn’t jump at the chance of writing something with his wife like I’d hoped. Instead, he was extremely hesitant. After all, I’d never written a script before and, sure, even though we’d been married for years at that point – there’s still something extremely vulnerable about opening your inner thought process up to another’s scrutiny.

To make things worse, KP had previously worked on a tv show where the married head writers had let their own personal marriage issues play out in the writer’s room. Writing together only seemed to bring them contention and unhappiness and competition and KP couldn’t help but assume that a husband wife writing team was doomed to failure…and that we’d certainly be doomed too if we attempted such a feat.

However, eventually, after enough pleading, KP acquiesced and agreed to try to write something with me.

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