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pin for blog post TinkerActive Workbooks Review - Educational Workbooks For All Learning StylesDespite my occasional social media commiseration about how I’ve largely been ignoring my kids this summer in order to get this script finished – I haven’t actually completely ignored them. One cool thing I got to try out and do was this  TinkerActive educational workbooks review. 

I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to educational stuff, One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is getting to research all the amazing stuff out there. So when TinkerActive was looking for bloggers to review their workbooks? I was absolutely down. 

Disclaimer: TinkerActive/MomsMeet provided free product for this review, but as always – these words are my own and they didn’t tell me what to say.

Here’s my most favorite thing about doing this TinkerActive educational workbooks review: They aren’t just workbooks that you fill out worksheets in – they incorporate TONS of hands-on activities in them

Other than traditional workbook pages, each lesson/chapter also has three additional components: Let’s Tinker, Let’s Make, and Let’s Engineer. Perfect for rounding out a STEM curriculum! ESPECIALLY if you have a kinesthetic learner, these books would be great for them.

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Also awesome: The entire books are filled with opportunities to earn badges and stickers. For kids who love this kind of working toward a goal, completion incentive will love this. There’s even a “secret” end-of-the-book magnet that you can only reveal once you’re finished. 🙂 

Oh and this might be kind of silly, but sometimes its the little things that count – I loved that the very last page of the workbook was hard cardboard, giving the book hard surface to be able to write on better! Realistically, kids like to do workbooks sitting on the couch or in the car, etc, and not always at a table. So this little detail was appreciated. 

Right now, TinkerActive is only available for grades K-2. I was able to review both the Math and Science books (my daughter’s starting 2nd, my son’s starting Kinder), but they also have a Language Arts option as well. 

If you’re looking for some really great, really cute, all encompassing workbooks for your kids – either as a homechool resource or supplemental support – these TinkerActive workbook are worth looking into!

You can find them on Amazon, Barnes N Noble, the OddDot website,  or anywhere where you can buy books online. 

Thank you TinkerActive for letting us try out your Science & Math workbooks!

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