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I've become a super fan of ThredUp and it's where I buy, oh, maybe 90% of my clothes from nowadays. Plus, I like to think that I'm all hip and environmentally friendly and there's the appeal of giving perfectly-good pre-owned clothes a second chance.You know how all the cool blogs talk about their fashion boxes like StitchFix and Golden Tote? I love the idea of these services, but my normally-frugal self gets all hyperventilated at the idea of spending big bucks money on clothing, ha ha. I just can’t do it. I mean, y’all – I made my own wedding dress. With fabric and notions, it was um, not even $100. 

So me and clothes = frugal. 

Which is why I’ve become a super fan of ThredUp and it’s where I buy, oh, maybe 90% of my clothes from nowadays. Plus, I like to think that I’m all hip and environmentally friendly and there’s the appeal of giving perfectly-good pre-owned clothes a second chance. So I ThredUp it.  And here’s my ThredUp review.

Wait, what’s ThredUp? Oh, yeah, probably should’ve explained that. For those not in the know, ThredUp is an online secondhand clothing shop. But super rad too. They only sell clothes in excellent, like-new condition, so you can find excellent deals for slightly off-season name brand clothing. 

Never shopped at ThredUp before? Use any of the ThredUp links on this page and you’ll automatically get $10 off your first order! 

To be honest, I do return maybe 30-40% of the clothes I get though. Is this a norm of online clothes buying? I don’t know, but it’s what I do and let keep letting me, so I do. 🙂 You only have 2 weeks (I think) to initiate a return though, so you gotta decide quickly. 

Oh, and sometimes you get surprises too! Like the time I bought jeans that said they were, and looked, dark blue in the picture but were really forest green in person. Or the times (yes, plural!) I’ve bought dresses only to be pleasantly surprised that they had pockets! 

Anyways, point being, ThredUp is cool. And I’ve decided to blog a ThredUp review about my most recent purchase. Oh, and I was not contacted by ThredUp to do this! I paid for all these clothes on my own. I’ve bought many, many more clothes from ThredUp in the past besides these things. I’m just sharing the love, because I really do like ThredUp a lot and figured more people would too if they knew about it. In full disclosure, I will get $10 referral credit for anyone who places an order through a link, but this is the same referral program that you can sign up for too after you become a customer, so I’m not cheating you off this post, I promise!



I also bought a pair of jeans, but forgot to include them here. Oops!

(in the pics below: my bed is not made, the mirror has streaks, and I have no makeup on. Ignore all this ok? I know I’m not a very good homemaker, ha ha. Thanks.)



IMG_5269 (638x1024)Ann Taylor LOFT Jeggings, Plum. $12.99 (retail: $50)

There were one size up from my usual size, but I decided to try them out as around-the-house jeans. 

Conclusion: I like them! They have color! And aren’t jeggings like totally mom clothes? Whatevs. They’re comfortable, and I’ll wear them, and I’m KEEPING them.





IMG_5274 (670x1024)
the mirror is very streaky in this one

Ann Taylor LOFT Jeans, Dark Blue. $9.99 – final sale (retail: $70)

I already know that LOFT jeans fit me well and the size I wear in them, so I typically stick to LOFT jeans. It makes it easy to buy jeans on ThredUp this way! I just click on the denim section and then search for “loft”. 

Conclusion: Since these were “final sale”, I didn’t have the option to return, but that’s cool with me, cause I like them and wouldn’t return them anyways. So there, ThredUp. Try to trick me into buying jeans I don’t like? Jokes on you! I like them and I’m KEEPING them! I win!




IMG_5310 (648x1024)Gap Casual Dress, Denim. $14.99 (retail: $55)

IMG_5318 (579x1024)Ooh, the most expensive item I bought. I wasn’t sure what I thought about this one online, but it looked basic and kind of cute and maybe easy to change up with accessories? Either way, this time of year I’m all about sun dresses, so I figured I’d give it a shot. 

Conclusion: At first, I was NOT a fan. Put a turtleneck underneath and I looked like a homeschooled kid from the 1990s (which actually briefly I was, so…um, not sure what I’m saying here…anyways:) in a blue jean jumper. But I tried changing it up with some different ties and wore it around the house. It was comfortable. My husband – shockingly – came home and said it was cute?! And it was nice and cool for these hot, non-air conditioned summer days. 
Oh, and did I mention it has pockets? It has pockets. I decided to KEEP IT.



IMG_5302 (778x1024)Orsay Casual Skirt, Tan. $4.99 (retail: $22)

I wear a lot of skirts in the summer and am always on the lookout for basic, flowy, casual skirts I can match with almost any top. And it was only $5. I decided to try it.

Conclusion: If the last one made me look like a Duggar – this skirt surely did! Also, the material was not soft, but stiff and uncomfortable feeling. And it was longer than I thought it’s be. I mean, maybe if there’d be pockets I’d half-consider it for $5, but nope. Nada. Which is what this skirt had: nada my love. I RETURNED it.




IMG_5272 (728x1024)Gap Outlet Sleeveless Top. $4.99 (retail: $18)

This is totally the quintessential Ronni summer shirt. I knew it would be. Cotton, breathable, easy, cool, comfortable and easy to wear out or at home with kids. 

Conclusion: I’m wearing this shirt as I’m typing this. Actually, I wore it yesterday too. It’s my go-to top at the moment. This may be the shirt of the summer. Basically, I KEPT it. I might wear this one out to its bare threads.




DON’T FORGET! If you click through any of ThredUp links on this page, you’ll automatically get $10 off your first order! 



IMG_5277 (653x1024)Old Navy Sleeveless Blouse. $7.49 (retail: $25)

Sleeveless. Breezy. Bright Colors. This shirt most definitely screamed summer and I had to try it. I figured I could wear this versitle shirt out for a nice dinner, or just hanging around house too.

Conclusion: It was kind of see through, and low cut and easy to see down anytime I bent over. Which means I’d have to wear a tank top under it. Considering I’m looking for sleeveless shirts specifically so I can have the least amount of clothing on my body as possible while still appearing modest – this once had to be a RETURN.




IMG_5305 (604x1024)Xhilaration Casual Dress. $7.49 (retail: $24)

I’m not really a huge fan of the short-long skirt length anymore, but I liked the chevron print of this dress. Plus, the salmon color is usually a good color on me. And it was a bit different than most of my other boring solid colored dresses, so I went for it.

Conclusion: I like it! I feel kind of hip, and it looks decent on me. KEEPING it.






IMG_5279 (708x1024)
I’m like super profesh here guys, don’t even mess with me.

Gibson Latimer Sleeveless Blouse. $9.99 (retail: $36)

For some reason, I saw this shirt online and thought: that looks like something a female screenwriter would wear to a notes meeting. And since I’m now occasionally pretending to be the female part of this newly-established married couple screenwriting team, I figured hey, maybe I could dress the part too.

Conclusion: I had a hard time deciding with this one. It’s sort of me, but not really. It’s a bit see through, so I’ll likely wear a tank top under it, but I wouldn’t this at home, so that’s ok. I don’t think I’ll have many places to wear this (I don’t get to play professional writer often…for now…. 😉 ), but I’m holding on to it and KEEPING it in order to diversify my wardrobe portfolio. 




IMG_5288 (693x1024)Maurices Cardigan. $9.49 (retail: $34)

I know, I have a ton of cardigans already. One thing I’ve learned from living in L.A. long enough though is that light sweaters are an all-season wardrobe requirement. Hey, I’m in Starbucks right now typing this – in the dead of summer – and I’m wearing a light sweater. Cause it’s cold in here; my body’s not used to this A.C. thing! 

Conclusion: You can never have enough cardigans. I KEPT it. 




The end conclusion.

Has my ThredUp review convinced you to try it out yet? 🙂 If so, don’t forget to click on any ThredUp link to get your automatic $10 off your first order! And then come back here and tell me how much you love ThredUp too now!

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