Bullet Journals. 

You’ve heard all the hype.

Maybe you even bought all the fancy and pretty “supplies” and looked up all the pins on Pinterest. 

But then you sat down, stared at the blank pages and felt intimidated.

Or you made a few lists in pretty gel pen doodling – but nothing magical happened to bring your life into order, so you abandoned the idea. 

If you’re like me – with tons and tons of ideas in your head, yet you need some structure to put them into  – then this Wannabe Bullet Journal Planner is for you!!


Do you love the IDEA of bullet journaling but find the thought of a blank notebook too overwhelming? Do you prefer to write out your daily to-do list in bullet points…yet you also want the convenience of a pre-printed weekly schedule? If you’ve ever wished that bullet journaling worked better for you but were unable to find a traditional planner that fit — then the Wannabe Bullet Journal Planner is for you!

FINALLY! A loosely-structured already-dated printable planner that both gives you the freedom to schedule the day as you wish, while still providing a basic blueprint to keep yourself organized.


How does this “Wannabe Bullet Journal” planner thing work?

Simple – I provide you with a basic weekly layout. Pre-printed dates, some sectioned off areas, but still lots of white space for you to do whatever you wish with.


I’ve never even heard of “bullet journaling” – what is that supposed to be? And why is your “Wannabe Bullet Journal” different/better?

Bullet Journaling is an idea that’s become big in the last couple years. You take a blank notebook, some colorful gel pens, maybe some sticky tabs or other stationery items that bring you joy, and then you do whatever you want. You can make bullet point lists (bullet points – original concept of ‘bullet’ journaling), or cute little doddle designs, or charts or tables, or whatever floats your boat and how your mind thinks. 

Look, I like the idea of bullet journaling. I really, really do. My mind is all over the place, and doesn’t fit into boxes well. BUT – without some structure, I get too lost in my thoughts and I get nothing done. 

Traditional bullet journaling works for a lot of people. But if you’re like me and it doesn’t quite work for you either – now there’s another option: the Wannbe Bullet Journal. You’re welcome. ?


What files come with the purchase of the Wannabe Bullet Journal?

Both the Full size and Mini size planners go from Jan. 2019 – Dec. 2020. That’s TWO years of weekly page spreads, 213 pages.

Additionally, I currently have the following add ons (in both Full and Mini size):
Thoughts, Plans & Ideas pages
Monthly Calendars
To Do Checklists
Lesson/Homeschool planner pages

Because this is in a “bullet journal” style, I don’t currently offer pages for things like emergency numbers, or household checklists, etc., etc. I figure that these types of things can easily be recorded in any blank space of the planner. However, if there’s enough desire for a specific kind of planner page, email me and I’m open to creating it!

**The planner is available in either a Monday start to your week, or a Sunday start.**


Other people sell printable planners for a lot more than you. Why is the Wannabe Bullet Journal only $2.99? 

Here’s a little not-so-secret about me: there’s been times in my life where money has been really tight. I don’t think that only people with more disposable income should have the opportunity to get their lives in order. The work I put into creating and selling this planner does not change whether I offer it for $3 or $30. What does change at different price points is the people who can have access to it. 

And I want more people to have access to a planner that works for them to get their lives in order. ???


Do you have any sample pages I can check out before I buy?

I do! Go to my main The Planner For Those Who Do Too Much page, and scroll down to the bottom under the Mini Planner options. There you can download 2-page blank spread of all my planner layouts to see which is best for you. 


Help! I still don’t know how to use this Wannabe Bullet Journal planner!

Deep breath. There’s no rules here. ? I purposely designed this planner to provide you with as little structure as possible – while still giving you enough to keep your scatterbrained mind (which I assume you must have, if you found my Planners For Those Who Do Too Much in the first place) on track. If you’d like some ideas on how *I* use *my* personal planner, see HERE. But if you find that you jive better with using all the white spaces for different things than I do, then go for it. You do you.  

Because hey: It’s your life – plan it like you wanna be.**
(**ooh I like this! It’s now my new tagline. ?)


I love this Wannabe Bullet Journal and I wanna plan the life I wanna be! How do I buy it???

?? Aww, thanks! To buy, you can either go BACK to my main The Planner For Those Who Do Too Much page, or you choose which version you’d like below:

FULL page Wannabe Bullet Journal, SUNDAY Start – $2.99
FULL page Wannabe Bullet Journal, MONDAY Start – $2.99
BOTH FULL page Wannabe Bullet Journals (Sun & Mon starts) – $4.99

MINI/HALF page Wannabe Bullet Journal, SUNDAY Start – $2.99
MINI/HALF page Wannabe Bullet Journal, MONDAY Start – $2.99
BOTH HALF page Wannabe Bullet Journals (Sun & Mon starts) – $4.99 – included FREE in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle right now! 2/20-2/25/19 – click HERE to learn more!


Want to see some examples of how I use my Wannabe Bullet Journal Planner? Click HERE.

Or – click HERE to be taken back to my main The Planner For Those Who Do Too Much page.