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Note: This is an OUTDATED review for the 2016 Ultimate Startup Bundle. Are you looking for a different bundle review? See all my other Ultimate Bundles reviews HERE. 


Full_Bundle_ASo you’ve heard about these Ultimate Bundle things; they sound like a great deal, BUT they also sound fishy. Why is everyone trying so hard to “sell” them? Are they too good to be true? Are they worth it? Is it a scam?

I’ve been following these Ultimate Bundles for a couple years now and I think I’m the only blogger out there who spends time breaking the bundles down so you can decide if it’s really worth it for you to buy or not. (see my other UB Reviews here: Homemaking ’16, Healthy Living ’15, Homemaking ’15, and DIY ’15)

Even though I’m technically signed up as an affiliate, I have no problem telling the truth about these bundles because I have no expectations of making money off them. I’m far more interested in honesty and maybe drawing a few new people to my blog (if you’d like to return the favor with a facebook like, twitter follow, or email subscribe, I’d certainly appreciate it 🙂 )

No, the Ultimate Bundles are not a scam. You will get exactly what they’ve listed, for exactly the price they’ve listed. There are no stings attached.

HOWEVER, while the bundles are always amazing deals, per se – it may not always be worth it for you to actually buy. It all depends on what you’re looking for and if you plan to use many of the resources included.

Here are some common questions:

UStartUpB_A_500x700_@2xHow are they able to offer so much for so cheap? 97% off? Something feels sketchy.

Here’s how it works: they’re able to offer so many books for so cheap because it’s basically one huge collective promotional push that only lasts for a very short time. Authors and companies combine forces to advertise for everyone all at the same time. And because most products offered are digital, they can sell them for as cheap as they want and still end up making money.

Are the books/courses/bonuses even worth it though?

Well, that’s up to you. And exactly why I write these huge review posts each time around. I encourage you to look through the bundle’s contents. If there seems to be enough stuff that you’d actually use – then yeah, it’d probably be worth it for you. But if you only really like a couple of the things, then it might be best for you to buy them individually. As you’ll see below, I try to include Amazon links wherever I could find them so you can review the items individually…in case you’d prefer to purchase the books you’re individually interested in instead of the whole shebang.

This seems like way more than I could ever read or want to read. Why would I want all of this?

To be honest, if you get the bundle, I doubt you’ll ever look through all of it. For the bundles I’ve purchased in the past, I’ve only ever used maybe 30-40% of the contents. But for what I do actually use, it’s been worth it for me. This is why I suggest each person look at the contents individually and decide for themselves. If you’ll use it, buy it. Collectively, these bundles really are amazing deals. But if you don’t think you’ll use enough stuff from the bundle, don’t buy it.

Sometimes I can get free ebooks by signing up for email newsletter on people’s blogs. Are these the kind of cheap “ebooks” I’ll get in this bundle?

First, I like that you ask good questions and are skeptical. 🙂 In the vein of total honesty here, it’s been my experience that some of the ebooks are kind of skimpy and cheap feeling…whereas others are totally impressive and informative. It’s sometimes a bit of a mixed bag. Which is why I do these Ultimate Bundle review posts – to help you go through and discover which books/courses/bonuses have value, and which books eh, aren’t worth the retail price they claim their book is worth.

I strongly encourage checking out the Amazon reviews whenever possible before deciding if the bundle is worth it for you! 

If I buy it and regret it, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can. Yay for places that offer refunds, right? Though I’ve never initiated the refund process, Ultimate Bundles very clearly states that they have a refund policy within 30 days if you’re dissatisfied

So, Ronni, you said you’ve bought these bundles before, right? Have you ever regretted it?

Again, I like that you’re not afraid to ask honest questions; you’re my kind of reader, ha ha. 🙂 While there have been several collections of Ultimate Bundles over the years, I (so far) have only purchased the Healthy Living, DIY, and Homemaking Bundles, just because those are the ones I am most interested in personally. And honestly? Every single time they come up, I’m always like, “eh, I don’t know. I kind of like some of the things, but kind of not others...”. And then I look over the list a second or third time, see something that I decide that really, really want – usually the bonuses; they are what usually sell me, ha ha – and decide to buy it. And every single time, I think it’s been worth it for me. Even though I probably don’t ever go back and revisit over half the stuff in each bundle. I still end up using enough stuff in it to make it worth it. So no, I’ve never regretted any of the bundles I’ve purchased.

HOWEVER – and it’s a big however – Ultimate Bundles ALSO puts out bundles each year that I am not personally interested in. Past bundles – that I have not participated in – have included: Digital Photography and Essential Oils. This current Ultimate Startup Bundle is one that I am personally unlikely to purchase for myself, as it’s not something I need at this point in my life. Though there are a few elements of the bundle that I AM interested in and am considering purchasing individually. 

UStartUpB_C_728x90_@2xBut this bundle may absolutely worth it for YOU! Especially if you are looking to start up a business, or are in the beginning stages of beginning your own. This is the entire reason I am reviewing this bundle here – because I believe that this could be a really good value for someone who otherwise may have been on the fence about buying it, but wanted to first check if it was legit. 

(Now, had there been any resources in this bundle on inventions & the patent process…. then I probably would’ve caved in and bought it, ha ha! 🙂 )

If you’d like to learn more about the bundle directly from the ‘horses’s mouth’, go here:
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Note: I have not purchased this bundle (at least not yet) this time around. So I cannot give PERSONAL reviews. But I do include Amazon links whenever possible, so that you can check out other people’s reviews to decide if this bundle is worth it for yourself.
** denotes Amazon link
(OC) denotes Online Course



Category-Getting_StartedGETTING STARTED







  • Founder’s Pocket Guide: Friends and Family Funding: Complete Answers for Entrepreneurs by Stephen Poland at 1×1 Media ($7.99)

  • Founder’s Pocket Guide: Raising Angel Capital by Stephen Poland at 1×1 Media ($6.15)

  • (OC) Launch Your Dream 1st Steps Bundle by Natalie Joy at Defining Your Joy ($300.00)



Category-Getting_SalesGETTING SALES



Category-Lead_GenerationLEAD GENERATION


If you’d like to learn more about the bundle directly, or to purchase, go here:
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Category-Product_CreationPRODUCT CREATION









  • ThinkificCreate online courses. 3 Months Free ($117 value)

  • SamcartSell your products online. 90 Days Free ($297 value)
  • Click FunnelsMarket, sell, and deliver your products online. 1 Months Free ($97 value)

  • ConvertKit – Email Marketing. 2 Months Free 




dashedbarI hope this helps you make a better decision for yourself if you should purchase the Ultimate Startup Bundle or not!


If you’d like to learn more about the bundle directly, or to purchase, go here:
And either way, if you’d like to throw me a facebook like, twitter follow, or newsletter signup in thanks for writing up this review for you, you’re welcome to do so. 🙂



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    • I don’t. YET. I’m going to get one up before the flash sale happens next month. Even though I’ve bought it for myself the past 2 years, I never reviewed it, because, well, because there are already enough bloggers out there blogging about blogging and that isn’t really my thing. But I have found the Blogging Toolkits to be really helpful and they’ve helped my blog. Especially if you can’t afford any of the more intense blog programs out there yet (like Billionaire Blog Club or EBA), the Blogging Toolkit, at only $99, is a smaller investment and gives you a lot to really get started.

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