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I meant to write this at the beginning when I started this blog. Oh well. Better late than never!

How did KP and I meet?
(It may be helpful to read the post What Brought Me to L.A. as well)

I went to a Christian college. There is a program, the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, that takes students from Christian colleges across the nation and gives them a semester-long, “study-abroad” film-school experience in Los Angeles. I did not apply to this program. I did not want to be part of this program. I wanted to get an internship in Los Angeles while in college. And I did. But I did it on my own.

Interning, Spring 2002.

In the fall of my junior year, I applied for an internship at Bunim-Murray Productions. I was honestly shocked when I got the phone call telling me I was accepted into the program. I still remember the moment vividly and I still have no clue why they chose me from my little podunk Christian college in Abilene, TX! But I’m glad they did.

So in the Spring of 2002, I moved out to L.A. and stayed with my aunt and uncle who lived in Orange County in order to do my internship. It was great. The big city was a totally new experience for me. Except I didn’t have any friends or anyone to hang out with. However, I knew a couple of girls from my college who who were part of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center program that semester. We hadn’t been close friends at school, but we were close enough acquaintances that I called them up, and pretty much imposed myself on them to hang out. Calling people up and begging them to hang out with me is not really my favorite thing to do, but when you’re desperate for friends, eh, you do what it takes I guess. 🙂

One of the guys who was part of this LAFSC program was this guy, KP. He seemed like a nice guy, and I hung out with him a few times in a large group. We had no real initial attraction though, he was just a nice, friendly guy in the group. The first conversation I ever remember having with him was while we were all visiting CityWalk at Universal Studios. He asked me about my favorite movie. I told him Singing In The Rain. I found out years later, this had impressed him; he thought I’d say the latest romcom that was out. Either that or Braveheart. Apparently, KP has this thing against Braveheart.

Goofing off at CityWalk the night we first talked. I took the pic on the left; KP took the pic on the right.

After the internship, I went back to finish my senior year of college, and then in the fall of 2003 I moved back out to L.A. to purse my life. The only person I knew out here was KP (he’d stayed out in L.A. after his internship), so I once again imposed myself and started hanging out with him and his friends.

Summer 2004. Friends? Dating? I don’t know what we are. (side note: I think I, as of summer 2014, still have this tank top. Geez, I need to update my wardrobe!)

We honestly and truly were just friends at first. There was an open friendliness between us from the beginning, but nothing beyond that. But things slowly grew. The more we talked, the closer our friendship became. The closer our friendship became, the more we hung out. The more we hung out, the more we…I didn’t know what we were becoming. By late spring 2004, I was confused. We’d had our first kiss at a Memorial Day party at this house, but I was still unsure. To KP’s credit, he was not confused. He knew what he wanted: me. It was *I* who didn’t know what I wanted. If we dated, it’d likely be serious. I had not dated many guys in my life, and I wasn’t sure if I needed to have more dating experience before potentially settling – after all, how does one ever really know if someone is “the one” or if a better “one” is out there for them instead??

The summer of 2004, I traveled around the world working on The Rebel Billionaire. It was a crazy experience (a book needs to be written) and I came home and told KP that I wasn’t being fair to him by being wishy-washy, and I officially called off our sorta-kinda “relationship”. I did hope that we could remain friends (oh those dreaded words, I know. – but I meant them!)

We didn’t remain friends though. KP refused to talk to me. He didn’t want to just be “friends” and figured a clean break from me was better. I respected his feelings and didn’t pressure a friendship. It was a sad month and a half.

However, it was also during this month and a half that I realized how much I prized KP’s companionship. I missed him more than I knew I would. I thought things through and I realized that *I* was ready to be in a relationship with him. Even a serious one. I realized that there’s no way one can ever know if someone is “the one” and that another “one” wouldn’t eventually come along later. What matters is that you find someone worthy of making THE ONE, and then you never turn back. KP was worthy to me, and I didn’t want to lose him. If he’d only take me back, that is. It took a few phone messages for him to finally call me back and talk to me again, but he did. In mid-November 2004 we decided to meet up and go bowling together. Later that night we had our second first kiss. The next day, over brunch, we decided to officially date.

Disneyland. Fireworks. Ring. Question. YES.

Though I never, ever, ever thought I’d be one of those girls to rush into an engagement – I guess when you know, you know. And when you’re ready, you’re ready. We got engaged late-March 2005 at Disneyland.

On October 1st, 2004 we were not speaking to each other. On October 1, 2005 we got married.

And that’s the story of our beginning.

The past almost-9-years of marriage has brought far more stories though, although most people aren’t as interested in those. So all I will say is that marriage is a continual journey, with no real destination (other than death-do-us-part). It’s a challenge and a commitment and a stability and profound happiness. It is not for wusses. But, if you’re willing to make it worth it, it will be.

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