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Look, I’ll just say it: there’s a supreme lack of critical thinking in the world today. I don’t know what to do about it, other than hope that we can teach our kids – the next generation – to do better. MUCH better. And the only way to accomplish this is if we, as parents, take it upon ourselves to teach them that they can think. One of the best ways to do this is through critical thinking and logic board games for kids.

I want to stress here that there’s a seemingly small, but quite significant, difference between “teaching kids HOW to think” and “teaching kids that they CAN think. These terms often get used interchangeably, but I prefer to say “teach kids that they CAN think” because that’s essentially what critical thinking is: the confidence in knowing that we can think on our own…and not just performing a thought sequence in the manner how we’ve been taught to think it.

This may sound like a small issue of semantics, but I think it matters, so I wanted to point it out.

Either way, on to the matter at hand: *THE* List of Critical Thinking & Logic Board Games for Kids.

If you want to know why I care about/teach logic & critical thinking (and my background experience), see HERE.

If you want to know about the logic course I’m hoping to develop, see HERE.

Why am I reviewing all of these logic board games for kids? Simple answer: I was on a quest to find some good games for my own kids, and I tend to think too much about stuff & go down rabbit trails, & I started researching all the games I could find. So here we are & I figured I might as well share my reviews & opinions on these logic board games for kids with everyone else too!

This list is CONSTANTLY growing! Be sure to bookmark this page and/or share on social media and/or follow me on instagram for updates on new logic board games for kids reviews.

**another fun fact: click on each board game name to be taken to a much longer review post of the game.**

THE List of Critical Thinking & Logic Board Games For Kids!



Kaleidoscope Puzzle: Color Mixing Logic Game
Ages 8+
1 Player

Jungle Logic
Ages 7+ (though my 4 yr old likes it)
1 player

Logic Land: The Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle
Ages 8+
1 player

Pre-Teens/Middle School

Teens/High School/Adults

I hope you enjoyed this lists of logic board games for kids! If you did, please feel free to share this list with others, or poke around and check out other parts of this site or flow me on social media.

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