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My daughter turned 5 this weekend. Months and months and months ago, she decided she wanted a The Good Dinosaur birthday party. I’d never planned a “real” kids birthday party and my daughter never wavered on what she wanted. 

In the months before the party, C and I would spend time on Pinterest researching and pinning ideas for a Good Dinosaur party for girls and boys (since most dino party stuff is boy-themed, we had to dig a bit deeper). It became a bonding thing between us and I probably went more all out with it than I needed to. But, hey it was fun, and your oldest child only turns 5 once, and it was fun. 

I totally meant to take all types of beautiful pictures before the party started and then post a gorgeous blog post that would be sure to garner tons of Pinterest hits and shares and likes. Right? Yeah, except even for all my planning, the start of the party was a bit of a mess and nothing was setup in time. The generator on the bounce house didn’t work, so the delivery guy had to run and get a new one and didn’t get inflated until half hour into the party. The food didn’t get setup until after most of the guests had arrived, and then the bees swarmed everything, so I had to cover all the food and it was not the beautiful food spread I’d imagined. I didn’t have time to do the table decorating I’d planned, and ha ha ha – basically, it was an awesome party in person…but a total pinterest fail in pictures

Oh well. 🙂

Either way, if you’re thinking of planning a dinosaur-themed party, here’s what we did. I hope it gives you some ideas too!


We used sparkly cardstock, green paint, and my daughter’s handprints to make her invitations. On the reverse side of the paper I wrote all the pertinent info such as date and time. I also set up an online invitation on Punchbowl since they happily have a built-in The Good Dinosaur themed invite

1) Dinosaur-Shaped Sandwiches. I used this dino sandwich cutter I found on Amazon. Though the sandwiches ended up looking more “dinosaur-ish” than dinosaur, they were still fun.

2) Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

3) Dinosaur Deviled Eggs. I’d tried to do this cool pin here, where I dyed the eggs to look like cracked dino eggs. However, these took a lot more time than I’d expected, and apparently if you make them a day or two beforehand, the sharpness of the lines fade and they lose much of their desired effect. So they ended up looking more like tie-dye than dino-eggs, but you know…imperfection happens. So I dyed the yolk part a little bit green so at least they looked something dinosaur -ish.


4) NACHO MOUNTAIN! This was definitely the piece de resistance. I followed the directions from the below pin, and it was surprisingly easy to make. Also, happily, the bees didn’t seem to swap around it like they did my other food, so I kept it uncovered and we all ate it anyways.



1) Bounce House Rental. I’d originally planned to rent a dinosaur bouncer, but I apparently just missed it and someone else got it for this day. So, we did a palm tree one instead. The kids didn’t seem to mind either way. 

2) The Good Dinosaur Games & Puzzle table. I found a Good Dinosaur matching game and Good Dinosaur puzzle and had them out at a shady table for kids to play.


3) Coffee Playdough & Toy Dinosaur Sensory Play table. I made several batches of this coffee playdough and put it all out on the table along with a bunch of toy dinosaurs (including these modeled off The Good Dinosaur characters). This was a big hit.


I unfortunately have no pictures of these, but for party favors, I put some of this playdough into small containers and tied a Good Dinosaur figurine to the top. But they were kind of like this, except with the fossil dough:


I got the cake from Walmart and pre-purchased this Good Dinosaur cake topper to have them put on top. When we picked it up, there were unfortunately some cracks in the frosting, so when I brought it home I added green sprinkles and coconut sugar to resemble ground and cover the cracks. And I really liked the way it turned out! 



1) For the Birthday Girl: a Good Dinosaur tshirt, I made a blue glittery skirt with green tulle underskirt, and this super adorable dinosaur headband I got from etsy.


2) For Little Brother: I dressed him up as “Spot” from the movie. I made a felt leaf skirt and he wore it with a tan colored shirt. By the end of the day, having had no nap (and more CapriSuns that I could keep track of), he in fact started to act a bit like Spot from the movie, crawling around in the dirt and pretending to be a dog. 2 year olds. Ha.img_6547-1280x853 

3) For Mom: I found this dinosaur dress on Amazon, because, I mean, I had to dress to the theme too, right?? 🙂


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