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The world is weird right now. Many of us have kids and are wondering what lies ahead for their future. What do we teach them about the world? How can we teach them the principles necessary to maintain confidence that liberty and free speech will continue on into the future? Enter The Tuttle Twins and my Tuttle Twins review below.

These books first popped up in an Instagram ad and I forgot about them. But then someone in my twitter mentioned them, so I decided to check them out.

And I am so freaking glad that I did.

If you have children in your life and you care about things like liberty, economics, personal responsibility, and other topics – there is nothing else out on the market like these books.

I highly recommend them & that’s why I’ve written this Tuttle Twins review.

What are The Tuttle Twins?

The Tuttle Twins is a series of secular educational books about the Tuttle Twins, Emily & Ethan. Geared for ages 5-10, they teach principals of liberty that are not being taught in school. While these books are great as an educational supplement, they are a fantastic option for homeschooling.

Honestly, they’re practically an entire economics/government curriculum for elementary students.

How Can They Be Used In A Homeschool?

Depends on you. Because the books are geared toward elementary students (which typically doesn’t cover government/economics yet) you may or may not want to turn it into a proper subject study with related assignments…or you might just want to read the books together and discuss.

Do They Offer Any Worksheets or Materials To Go Along With The Books?

Yes! In fact, I strongly suggest adding them to your purchase (if you buy the whole book package they are included free). This packet pictured here is the workbook for just one of their books.

Each of their 11 books has this many supplemental worksheets!

What I also really liked about the worksheets is that they are geared for multiple age levels, from coloring pages for the littlest ones to written assignment topics for the older kids. And lots of fun stuff in-between.

Unlike many other times people offer “worksheets” or “lesson plans” to go along with their stuff, but really it’s just a single word scramble or fill in the blank – you can tell that Tuttle Twins really put forth effort into these workbook packs. They also offer a recipe to go with the book theme and info on the book it was based on (though in this case, your kids SHOULD DEFINITLY NOT actually read Atlas Shrugged at this age, lol)

Tuttle Twins often has good deals where you can buy the entire book set w/worksheets. If you happen to be reading this around Black Friday, they have a huge sale going on:

What Are The Books Based On?

Each kids book is based on a classic book with similar themes. The book that the kids and I are working on in this post, The Search For Atlas, is based on the book Atlas Shrugged.

(Side note, but if wanna get into a deeper part of my blog, I once wrote a post about the time of my life I spent while reading Atlas Shrugged & all the thinking I was going through at the time. Fun stuff: My Grandest Adventure…and a Dabbling Into the Metaphysics of Time lol)

Are They Actually Worth It?

Yes. There is nothing else out like these Tuttle Twins books right now and they teach important values not being taught anywhere else. If this sounds like something that aligns with your family values as well, I strongly recommend these!

Keep your eye out as they often have some good deals if you buy the whole set at once, which I recommend since it’s how I purchased the set too.

What if my kids are older than 10?

Tuttle Twins is expanding to the older ages too!

In fact, they just recently released their Tuttle Twins Guidebooks and they may end up being the most exciting thing they offer. I JUST bought them, so when they come in, I’ll add to this Tuttle Twins review.

My most favorite aspect of these new guidebooks is that they offer one of them on Logical Fallacies! This is such an extremely important topic and one that pre-teens/teens/adults in today’s world desperately need to better equipped to handle!

I even wrote a whole other blog post earlier this summer (see: Critical Thinking/Logic Curriculum & Resources) highlighting logic/critical thinking education resources because I recognize the importance of teaching the next generation these skills.

I’m pumped about them.

Tuttle Twins also offer’s some ‘choose your own adventure’ style books for teens. While we have not gotten to these books yet, my 9 year old is a voracious reader, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be on to these within the next year or two, so I’ll add these to my Tuttle Twins review post as some point in the future as well.

Any Parent Resources? I Have No Idea How To Teach These Things To My Kids!

Yes! Though I have not yet checked any of them out yet, they do offer Parent Guides as well as this very interesting & helpful guide that I now want to get: Tuttle Rebuttals: 40 Responses to Popular Political and Economic Myths

I hope that you’ve found my Tuttle Twins review helpful! And for real, if you care about teaching liberty values to your kids, Tuttle Twins is absolutely the best thing on the market right now doing this.

(and also, if you’re reading this during Black Friday, you really should check it out as their Black Friday Massive Deal is kind of amazing right now)

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