What is Joining Mensa Like? Why Moms Should Join & What It’s Really Like

If you follow my instagram, you may have noticed a couple posts I made earlier this summer. Here’s one where I was dressed up as a pineapple. In the captions, I made a few vague references to a “nerd camp” “mom vacation“, “embracing the stigma“, and “finding my people“.   And then I didn’t mention the […] Read more…

ThredUp’s Goody Boxes – A StitchFix Alternative Sustainable Clothing Subscription Box

So you don’t have the time to shop for yourself, and you’re thinking either: 
A) I wish there was a more affordable StitchFix alternative out there. OR
B) I wish someone would pick out some pre-owned fashionable clothing for me and then a big box just shows up on my doorstep, like a sustainable clothing subscription box.  

Then you need to listen up because if you haven’t yet tried out ThredUp’s Goody Boxes, you need to. STAT. Read more…