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Before we dive into our carnival date night adventure – quick question:

You’re on Instagram, right? I mean, it’s pretty much my favorite social media option out there currently. Yeah, yeah, there are plenty of overly-staged and unrealistically bright imagery from self-proclaimed ‘influencers’ over there. But, beneath all that? The accounts that are actually real? And authentically inspiring? That give you a peek into the lives of other people out there in the world, and make you feel connected to all humanity through these frozen moments in time? 

That’s what I love about Instagram. 

Anyways. I’m over there. You’re more than welcome to come find me. :) I’m trying out this new thing where I alternate a picture from my real life, and a quote taken from one of my marriage blog posts. Check it out. Let me know what you think. 

I bring this Instagram thing up because I just earlier posted a picture of KP from this Crated With Love Carnival-themed date night box. Hah, poor KP. I don’t even ask him anymore if I can post his picture online for the world to see. I just do it. Aww, I love him. I couldn’t always do this though. There wasn’t always this trust between us. We’ve grown a lot over the past few years. 

Wait. I’m about to get lost off on a tangent. I have another blog for rambling, lol.
Back to our date night!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, yes. But don’t let that fool you. If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time at all, you’ll know that truth and honesty are extremely important to me. No one tells me what to write. All these words, all these pictures, this whole blog post review, are mine. 

Our Carnival Crate – Crated With Love August 2018

Box Contents:

  • 20 Red Carnival Tickets
  • 2 Ring Toss rings
  • Go Fish Bowls! card
  • bag of Grandpa’s Candied Popcorn (yum!)
  • drawstring bag containing 2 ping pong balls, 2 sticky darts, and a plastic fish
  • magnetic Dart Board
  • a Stuffed Cow prize
  • Our Carnival Crate date night instruction book

Activity 1 was to take the red tickets, divide them up, and each write some “extra” prizes on the back of each ticket that you were willing to give or wanting to receive. You know, just to make the competition winnings even more valuable. ;)

Activity 2 was ring toss. We found some unopened wine bottles (and one vodka bottle) in the pantry to make our targets. In looking back, we probably should’ve either used more bottles, or maybe water bottles? Or put the table in the corner? Or idk…just plain cheated. 

Ok, you got us. We ended up just plain cheating and standing waaaaay too close to the bottles! Because otherwise, just like at a good ole fashioned carnival, this ring toss game was tough! Oh, and side note – the rings are just the same kind of hard plastic rings that you’ll find at a real fair, so the weight of the ring and the sounds it makes hitting and bouncing off the glass bottles? It’s pretty authentic. 

Needless to say it’s also somewhat loud! Hah! Our almost-7-yr-old came out to tell us that she couldn’t go to sleep because we were being too loud (another side note: this happens almost every evening right now; it’s kind of like her thing). Eye roll. Anyways, we let her try to throw a ring and then sent her off back to bed. 

Activity 3 was Go Fish Bowls. KP got the task of readying bowls of water. He decided to go for all different shape bowels. Why? I don’t know. But I went with it anyways. Each card explained how you had to toss the ball, each time to landed in the bowl you won a card. Number of cards at the end of the game told you how many tickets you won. Or something like that. I can’t remember the exact rules anymore, but all I know is that *I* won. Sorry KP. :-D 

Activity 4 was our last and final activity. Sticky Fridge Darts. Hah, the part of our kitchen where the fridge is is galley kitchen style, so our darts ended up being close to the target. Which just meant that we each won more often. 

At the end of the date, we counted up our tickets. I won. And I also won the stuffed animal prize!! woo hoo! KP may have let me win, but either way, I don’t care and I’m going to keep claiming myself the winner.

One thing I really liked about this date in particular is that even after the night was over, both KP and I had tickets with favors on them that we could cash in. Way to keep up date night throughout the month!

Aaaand, at the end of the night, guess what we won! Another merit badge! (I know this sounds dorky, but look at our badges! I love keeping them on the fridge as magnets reminding us of the fun we’ve had. 

Crated With Love info:

  • created by a husband-wife team (see their story here)
  • $19.99 – $26.99/month, depending on the options you choose
  • Digital date option for only $1.99/month
  • FREE shipping
  • Use THIS LINK and you’ll get $5 off your subscription

Thanks CWL for letting us review this date night box! 


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