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I have not written a blog post in almost a month. I’ve wanted to. Things have been going on. Thoughts have been thought. So it’s probably best now if I just dump a bunch of quick takes into one post and pretend like it’ll suffice for my life the past few weeks. At at least then my mind might be cleared somewhat enough to begin writing posts again instead of all cluttered up with life now. πŸ™‚

Oh, and why not add this to the Seven Quick Takes link-up over at This Ain’t The Lyceum…except I’m making it SEVEN-teen Quick Takes. Shh, don’t tell. I’m totally breaking the rules. πŸ™‚

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1. I haven’t been able to figure out a job thing the past several months since I was laid off. I wasn’t going to work at all, and then I was, and then I applied a bunch of places and then I thought I wasn’t going to get a job, then I was interviewing at three places at once and then I finally accepted one job and had to withdraw my application from other places.

2. I accepted an offer with Think Through Math for a part-time math teacher position in the evenings. Works out perfectly for me.

3. I’ll be doing training in Pittsburgh from 8/31-9/4. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh. I’m going ALONE. WITHOUT HUSBAND OR KIDS. For 5 WHOLE DAYS. This feels insane to me….insanely awesome and a vacation that is!! Entire nights alone in my hotel room by myself to blog or surf the internet or whatnot?? Wheeeeee!!!!!

4. Oh, but I’m kind of nervous about missing my kids and feel a bit guilty pushing them off to KP for so long by himself.

5. Luckily his freelance job will allow him to make it work.

6. Several years ago, KP was hired as a writer by this one guy, N, who wanted to create a tv show somehow incorporating a (somewhat infamous) website he owned. KP and N pitched it to several networks, all passed. I liked KP’s surprisingly encouraging take on it and perhaps surprisingly would have supported it. It’s interesting to think about now.

7. I joined a local MOMS Club. I don’t know why I never had before. It’s like there are friends to be had that I never even knew about. If you’re lonely, moms, look into it.

8. Thanks to my first MOMS Club playgroup this morning, my kids are both napping right now. And may sleep for hours.

9. I made some changes to my blog sidebar. Yes, totally selling out with those affiliate links. Whatevs. Haters don’t gotta click em.

10. Can I talk about how much I love ThredUp though? I’ve been slightly obsessed the past few months. Even sent a bagful of clothes to them just recently and got $27 in store credit. I bought some new stuff last night with that $27 credit, some return credit, and a $20 referral credit. I got 6 shirts, 1 skirt, 1 dress and 1 cardigan. Retail brand new would have cost me $334. Only $88.41 on ThredUp, but with my credit and another 10% discount I had, I paid $4.19 out of pocket! Sweet! If you’re a first-time ThredUp shopper CLICK HERE and you will get $20 off your first order.

11. I took my almost-4 yr old to the American Girl Place yesterday for the first time. I know the place has sadly changed so much over the years and it’s a shame they don’t focus more on the historical dolls anymore, BUT, STILL, can I tell you how surreal it was to talk to my own daughter about American Girl stuff?? I remember reading all the books and saving up to buy my own Kirsten doll when I was in 5th grade. In 1991. And I remember telling myself I’d save all Kirsten’s stuff for my own daughter to play with one day, and oh my gosh, that day is here. I think we’re going to start reading the Kirsten chapter books together. Our first chapter books. Sniff. Sniff.

12. For years, I’d wanted to throw a really awesome 10th anniversary party. I had all these plans. It was going to be awesome. But in all my plans, we were somehow going to be rich for our 10th anniversary. It’s in 5 weeks. We’re not rich. (I’m a little bit sad about this but trying not to think about it.)

13. So instead taken all the money we’ve saved up for it and are re-decorating our house. Our living room is totally different. And awesome. KP talked me into a new 4K, apparently awesome, tv. He got it for about half price, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten it. Remember that popular post of mine about my tiny house? There will soon be an updated living room update coming. Be prepared. It’s awesome now. I’m proud of myself, if I may say so myself.Β  πŸ™‚

14. I decided to start a club. A Los Angeles Screenwriter’s Wives’ Club. A place where we can all get together and commiserate over surviving unsteady incomes, high hopes, deep rejections, and the struggle to achieve some sort of semblance of normal family life amidst it all. I gotta do more planning for it, but I think it will be awesome. Ok, mainly I just want to find other cool women to hang out with who don’t (and may not ever!) have it all together either in this industry!

15. Ugh. My patent thing is driving me crazy. Have to re-submit some stuff. Don’t want to think abut it now. But it’s still going.

16. I decided to create some Algebra lessons and make videos and turn them into a Udemy course. I have the skills, why not share with other people (and maybe just maybe bring in a few bucks as passive income at the same time)?

17. Oh, my almost-16 month old FINALLY started walking a couple weeks ago!!!!!!!

The End.

IMG_2731 (1280x1009)
Oh and we released ladybugs. And did a bunch of other things in life that I forgot to blog about. But how cute is this, right?

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  1. I would LOVE five days alone in Pittsburgh. Holy smokes, don’t feel guilty at all. I also had Kirsten when I was little! And we also planned to throw a 10-yr anniversary party. The closer we get to it though, the more we think a magnificent tropical vacation is more appealing. We still have two more years to go, but seriously… like a 10-day vacation. Bliss. πŸ™‚

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