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  • Creating Wealth by Catherine Crow at Butter Nutrition ($22.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • **Healthy Eating the Happy Gal Way by Jenny Layton at The Happy Gal ($22.99)
    Review: 180 pages. No Amazon reviews yet. This book seems to be an overall guide to healthy eating, rather than just a cookbook. I only skimmed through this one a little bit. For the most part, it seems like an intro guide, and helpful if your brand new to a life of eating healthy. 
  • Real Food by Desi Ward at Unconventional Kitchen ($19.99)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • **Real Food on a Real Budget by Stephanie Langford at Keeper of the Home ($18.97)
    Review: 277 pages. No Amazon reviews yet. I appreciate that this book accounts for the fact that the healthy food is often more expensive – and that switching to a “real food” diet is not easy when you’re struggling financially. 

    This book is written in “story” format, with a story about the author’s personal experience at the beginning od each section. While some readers will connect to this personal-ness, others may feel that it bogs down the book instead of just jumping straight to the helpful information. For me, for an ebook, it feels like A LOT to read through in order to get to what’s really wanted. 

  • The Art of the Family Dinner by Beth Ricci at Red and Honey ($12.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • **The Frugal Secrets of Real Foodies by Various Authors ($7.95)
    Review: 93 pages. No Amazon reviews yet. I much prefer this book as far as how to eat healthy on limited income. This book is more of a guidebook with helpful tips, short personal stories, as well as recipes. I may look over this one some more whenever I get the time.



  • (OC) 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Kombucha Tea by Dave Lindenbaum at Get Kombucha ($47.00)
    Review: I have not checked out this course in depth ye, but I think it’s great that they offer more guidance about kombucha for those of us who are clueless about it!  This course – and the kombucha bonus offered as part of this bundle – may just get me to actually, finally, try this hippy-sounding beverage… 
  • **Delicious Dessert Thickies by Katherine Kyle at Green Thickies ($16.00)
    Review: 33 pages. 4.6/5 stars w/20 reviews on Amazon. A “Thickie” is a smoothie that is thick and filling and can be used as a meal replacement. There are some interesting smoothie recipes  contained in this book such as: “Healthy Carrot Cake”, “Fig Pie”, “Peppermint Brownie” and “Cookie Dough”. I’m not even a smoothie person, but I still want to try some of these! 
  • Eat Right Away Collection by Laura Coppinger at Heavenly Homemakers ($8.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • **Infused by Carissa Bonham at Creative Green Living ($4.99)
    Review: 3 pages. 4.9/5 stars w/13 Amazon reviews. I recently bought this cute water pitcher for the fridge, thinking I was going to keep iced tea at the ready for me to drink (as a healthier substitute for soda/coffee), however, I keep leaving the tea bags in there for waaaay too long and oversteeping it (I get distracted at times) and having to throw it out. But now that I’m looking through this ebook, I’m thinking that infused fruit water might be the way to go instead!  
    (also, side note, but I like that this ebook feels as though it’s priced appropriately…$5 value for a book like this seems right.)
  • Living Healthy with Chocolate by Adriana Harlan at Living Healthy with Chocolate ($22.97)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • Nourishing No-Bake Treats by Lindsey Dietz at Today in Dietzville ($7.99)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • (OC) Pressure Cooking by Wardee Harmon at Traditional Cooking School ($40.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • Quench: Cool Drinks for a Hot Summer by Kimberly Harris at The Nourishing Gourmet ($5.99)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • Skillet Freezer Meals by Kelly McNelis at New Leaf Wellness ($3.99)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • Super Simple Smoothies by Kelly Roenicke at The Pretty Bee ($3.99)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • **The Renewable Table by Lee Holmes at Supercharged Food ($14.99)
    Review: 127 pages. No Amazon reviews yet. Oh gosh – this is the information I’ve been looking for! How to turn “leftovers” into NEW meals, not just reheat the next day and eat as-is. I like that this author is realistic and realizes that we don’t all have the time to make these wonderful real food meals everyday, and instead offers practical ways to create new meals from leftover material from last night’s meal, so everything seems less daunting. 

    I will for sure be going back through this ebook more in depth!


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