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It was a strange weekend here in Southern California – it rained. And not just a little rain, but it rained for several days in a row. And once, I even heard thunder! Ohhoohh! Yeah, having grown up in Texas, I definitely do know what “real” rain and a “real” thunderstorms are like…but after living out here for so long, you kind of grow accustomed to the almost-always-perfect weather and sunshine.

My mom was out visiting the past week. Her visit was wonderful. Just the break we needed. The husband (I’m going to start referring to him as KP) and I were able to get out alone together a couple times, which is definitely good for all marriages every once in a while. My mom also just played with my daughter and watched her while I taught and KP wrote. It was nice to have her around. She left today and I already miss her. 🙁

One thing that my mom did do yesterday was take some family pictures for us. We’ve never really taken family pics before. My cousin took some pics for us when our daughter was a newborn, but that’s about it. We don’t even really have any pictures of just KP and I in recent years. So we really, really, really needed some pictures taken. I also haven’t ANY baby bump pictures this time around, much to the future chagrin of this second child, I’m sure!

But with the rain this past week/weekend, we weren’t sure if we were gonna be able to get in family pics at all! Eventually we decided to try and work with what we were given and do a “rain” theme. KP and I had been given rain boots once and our daughter had a rain jacket given to her with a bunch of other clothes. My mom and I found some yellow rain boots at this really cool consignment sale (which I’m going to write more about soon!) and I bought a umbrella at Wal-Mart, and ta da – somehow our clothing and everything just came together PERFECT! I’m so excited about these pictures! Who knew a rainy day could make such a perfect backdrop for unique family pictures!

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