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In case anyone has been wondering (not that anyone is keeping that close of tabs on my life, but just in case) why I haven’t talked about my invention/patent in awhile, it’s because I kind of, sadly, lost passion for it and things got busy.

1) I left the main part of my working prototype at the out-of-town vacation home I talked about here at the beginning of August and just never found the time or  energy to re-make it.

2) I started a new job the beginning of August and that’s taken most of my free time.

3) The most important part of my invention is contingent on an infant using a pacifier, but in the last couple months, Baby S has been preferring his hand/thumb more and more. With my guinea pig not being as cooperative with my experiments as in the past, I didn’t feel like forcing it. Also, as Baby S is now 5 months old, he’s just about out of the targeted age range, and my experiments don’t work as well with him now as they did as a newborn.

So, yeah, my invention kind of went to the backburner for awhile.

BUT I had a new idea about it over the weekend, which I tried out last night, AND I think I like this new idea and it jumpstarted my interest! Yay!!

Hopefully soon I’ll actually get some working prototypes made, and then, yes, I really will be hitting up all my friends/family with babies under 4-6 months old to try them out for me.

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