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So remember that awesome invention idea I had the other day? (What? You didn’t read that entry?? It’s ok, here it is in case you need to catch up 🙂 ) Well, the idea has not left my mind. I really think it’s a good idea. And I don’t think any other of it exists out there.

So…I’m actually going to attempt to make it myself. I spent the kid’s naptime today working on a crude prototype. I can’t tell you guys much more about it, because well, I don’t have a patent yet and all y’all might steal my idea if I tell you. So I’m not. 🙂 But I WILL give you a little preview of what my prototyping workspace looked like this afternoon. See if you can figure out what.in.the.world I am up to!

Hmm…what can I make with this?

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