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I’m done!!! The kitchen is clean (well, mostly clean) and most importantly, I’m done. As in mentally done. At this point, I never want to do freezer cooking again! Of course, I’m sure that once I start taking advantage of all my nutritious freezer meals over the next month that I’ll change my mind, but right this moment? I never want to think about it again. :)

(Hmm…it’s just like childbirth: while you’re in it, you never want to do it again. But then once it’s over and you have your amazing reward, you want to do it all over again, haha! Speaking of childbirth…it could now happen at any time…eeek!!!)

Of course, had I done all of this over a single day like some people do, it might not have seemed so bad, but since I drug it out over the course of almost a week here and there? It seemed never ending.

But still, I’m now DONE! I have no room left in my freezers either, so I guess I HAVE to be done. :)

Above-The-Fridge Freezer
Small Chest Freezer. I can hardly access the stuff on the bottom!

As promised in my last entry, here are all the meals I made, as well as links to their recipes. *I should note that I altered several of these recipes for my own preference, noted by an asterisk* (oh, and also remember, these are the # of MEALS/BATCHES, not # of servings):

THREE Asparagus Bacon Quiches* I used asparagus for spinach. I also added a little bit of whipping cream and shredded cheese.
FOUR Breakfast Bowl Scrambles
SIX Breakfast Burritos Meals* No actual recipe for this one, I just used the egg/sausage/potato scramble from the above recipe and wraped them in tortillas.
TEN Pancake Sausage Muffins

FOUR Southwestern Casseroles
TWO Pork Ribs* I used Pork Baby Back Ribs and I did not brown the ribs before freezing or cooking. I just dump them into the crock pot.
THREE Teriyaki Honey Chicken
FOUR Honey Pecan Chicken Breasts* I’ve made this with both pork chops and chicken breasts and I prefer the chicken breasts. I also like to wrap the raw chicken/topping in foil packets. I freeze, thaw and cook them in packets and it keeps the chicken juicy and delicious.
TWO Chicken Broccoli Casseroles
TWO Chicken Stuffing Bakes
FOUR Italian Sausage Risottos

THREE Squash Casseroles
FIVE Potato Sausage Kale soups* I added sausage to mine.
FOUR Broccoli Cheese Cornbread
THREE Veggie Rice Casseroles
FIVE Rice Pilafs

THREE Spinach Cheese Dips
TWO Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

ELEVEN Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Concentrates – I made my own recipe for this, combining several other recipes I found online. I’m actually planning to post directions for this as a separate blog entry here soon. When I do, I’ll link to it. :)

And all this in my teeny tiny 72 sq. ft. kitchen!!

You may notice that 80% of these recipes come from Once a Month Meals (formerly Once a Month Mom). Honestly, this is my go-to site for finding recipes, as I know that they’ve all been freezer-tested. If you’re thinking of doing freezer cooking, I strongly suggest you check out the site! You can either just search out recipes on your own, or if you want to pay a small fee and sign up for their monthly meal plans, they will send you everything you need – shopping lists, food prep guides, recipe cards, labels, etc.

Phew! I’m am glad to have all of this done! Now on to all of the other things on my “Nesting To-Do List” before this baby can be born!

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