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Just in case anyone’s wondered where I’ve been the past week – I mostly disappeared into the world of freezer cooking. I was originally planning to make a month’s worth of meals, and spread the prepping and cooking over a few days so that it wouldn’t overwhelm me.

A small sampling of some of the freezer meals I’ve made so far.

However, I either over-judged the ingredients I needed, or overbought, or over-planned…or under-thought the time commitment this would actually take. Because here I am, 4 days into this thing, and still have quite a bit to go! (I’m 38 weeks tomorrow; please don’t let me go into labor before I’m done, ha ha!) Granted, I’m not committing my entire days to making these meals; I’m just working around naptime, bedtime, and bits and pieces I can get done during the day.

I also think that I’ll eventually end up having more like TWO months worth of meals by the end of this thing! I’m starting to run out of room in my freezer…freezerS that is. Other than just the fridge freezer, I also have a small chest freezer. I promise I will take pictures when this is all said and done, but I really don’t know if I’ll fit everything. Eek!!

So far, I have completed (listed are the # of MEALS/BATCHES, not # servings)
THREE Spinach Cheese Dips
THREE Asparagus Bacon Quiches
FOUR Breakfast Bowl Scrambles
SIX Breakfast Burritos Meals
TWO Chocolate Oatmeal Bars
FOUR Honey Pecan Chicken Breasts
FOUR Italian Sausage Risottos
FOUR Southwestern Casseroles
TWO Pork Ribs
THREE Teriyaki Honey Chicken
THREE Squash Casseroles
FIVE Potato Sausage Kale soups

Oh, and I should mention that my ENTIRE KITCHEN is 10.7′ x 6.7′ (yes, I just pulled out a tape measure! :)) or ~72 sq. ft.

For visual reference, take two Queen sized bed mattresses, place them right next to each other, and that would be the size of my entire kitchen: kitchen, fridge, counters, oven, and sink! So hey, if I can do freezer cooking…

In other news, my husband and I are writing a script together! Well…’developing’ a story/script together. He’ll probably do most, if not all, of the actual writing part. But I’m very excited as I’ve always wanted to work on something with him, but it wasn’t until this story just kind of jumped out at us did it feel right for us to try to tackle together. :)

3 Comments on Pre-Baby#2 Freezer Cooking Adventure, Part 1

  1. Can you explain freezer cooking? You just cook the meals as you would if.you are making dinner and then freeze them? Then you pull them out like you would a frozen meat, thaw and heat? Dinner served?

    • Yeah, pretty much! Freezer cooking takes a lot of upfront work, but then you have meals to last you for a long time. You just thaw it and then cook it, and tada, dinner! I’m going to do a Part 2 post once I’ve finished all my meals and I’ll post links to each of my meals in case you want to try it out. :)

      • That would be great!! I would love to cook a few meals for the week ahead if time and that would make dinner time so much easier. I love your blog!!!

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