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PitterPat Packages Review Yes. It’s April 2016. And yes, this is a PitterPat Packages review for their January 2016 box. Which yes, makes me extremely late to post this review. I sincerely apologize for my delay in getting this review posted, but either way, I’m still excited to share it now!

(Disclaimer: I was given a free box to review, but I was not paid to write this. This review is entirely my (and KP’s) own opinion. I’m reviewing this because I think date night subscription boxes are cool and that making time to sill date your spouse is an important thing and I want share this with others.)

First, let’s check out the box. I’ll admit that on first glace, I was not especially impressed. There is no inner box, so don’t open the outer box until you’re ready to find out what your date is.


On unboxing, the contents felt a little bit cheap. The instructions appeared to be printed off from a home printer onto cardstock and the items in the box seemed like things you could buy at your local discount store.

IMG_3996 (1280x853) Here’s a picture of everything that came in the box.

When I saw the can of SPAM, I was a bit nervous. Though KP is not a super picky eater, he does have a few very strong food preferences – one of which is No Canned Meat or Fish (or canned veggies or canned fruit for that matter…ok maybe he is more pickier than first suggested. 🙂 ). In fact, we even have a little inside argument-turned-joke about a meal I once made with canned salmon that he will never let me forget. Anyways…so I was a bit nervous about the SPAM thing, but went into it with an open mind still.

IMG_4002 (1280x940)
For the date, PitterPat Packages had both dinner and a craft activity planned. The dinner was SPAM Musubi, which to be appeared to be some sort of SPAM sushi. I’d never heard of it before, but was, um…intrigued.

KP and I first had to cook the rice, which took a good 40 minutes or something to cook. I hadn’t prepared for this time-wise and forgot the rice was on the stove and kind of burned some of the bottom. You probably didn’t even know you could burn rice. You can. And I did.

Luckily, I scraped out enough good, non-burned, rice to continue with the recipe still.

KP then had a bit of trouble opening the SPAM can and resorted to a knife.


Oh, but apparently SPAM Musubi with eggs is even popular enough as a breakfast food to have a recipe on the back of the can!

IMG_4034 (1280x891)We had a little bit of confusion with how to wrap the seaweed wrappers, which prompted a google investigation into SPAM Musubi and the discovery that it really is a real thing and in fact actually a Hawaiian staple! What’d’ya’know? We’d learned something new and spent time together as a couple! Win-win!


We made some blue cotton candy fizzy drinks with swedish fish to complement the dinner.

IMG_4049 (1280x853)

Over dinner, we read the included conversation questions and drew kiss cards. KP got the “Hide n Kiss” card, where you’re supposed to gently peck your partner and then run off out of sight, which is supposed to “leave them in a state of awe and wanting more”. We had a good laugh at that one…and then it turned into a running joke the rest of the evening.

IMG_4001 (1280x1250)

Oh, and as far as the SPAM – KP did his due diligence and ate half of a piece of the musubi. He said it was ok…better than he’d expected, but that he didn’t want any more. Me, on the other hand, was like ‘these are amazing and I’m hungry and will eat them all up!’ And I did. For what it’s worth, I was pregnant at this time, which maaaay have skewed my appetite some. Still, I thought the SPAM sushi was actually worth eating. I’d eat it again. But I’d probably won’t ever buy SPAM again because…KP.

After dinner (and a few rounds of trying to get KP to pay attention and stop playing ‘Hide n Kiss’), we worked on our craft activity – making flower leis. We actually took this kind of seriously, surprisingly, and were both dismayed that not all the wooden beads had holes all the way through and were therefore unusable. There also were not nearly enough flowers or beads to go all the way around. But still, in the fun spirit of the evening, we did the best we could and still wore them.  (and yes, I’m in my pjs in this picture).


Overall, we had a very unexpected good time with the PitterPat Packages date box. When I first opened it, I wasn’t expecting much. But as we started following along with the activities, even as cheesy as they seemed initially, we really opened up to being playful and jokey with each other. Though all of the items in the box were disposable and could only be used once, we liked that it contained activities for an entire date; making dinner together, eating, talking, drinks, and an activity. It seemed more involved.

Though we had fun with it, it did seem a little young for us. I’d recommend PitterPat Packages (based solely on this one box, other boxes from them may have a different feels to them) as best for late teens-20s and relationships that range from newly dating to early marriage. Though the box did have “Kiss Cards”, nothing physical beyond this was expected or implied.

Even though PitterPat Packages felt a bit young for us, I think I’d still probably try the service again for a light-hearted evening. We had fun! I’d definitely consider this box as a top pick if KP and I were still dating.

– several activities, enough to last the whole date/evening.
– allowed KP and I to try new things (SPAM Musubi).
– gave us some good laughs.
– put us in a playful, happy mood.

– items felt a little bit cheap (expect the organic sushi rice; that was high-quality).
– instructional cards did not feel professional.
– would be best for younger couples and newer relationships.

Pitter Pat Packages Info from their website:
– $33/mo (plus shipping); first month ships free.
– free anniversary box when you buy the 12 month plan.
– ships to all 50 U.S. states and Canada.
– billed on 30th the of the previous month, ships out around the 20th of the next month
– meant to be an entire evening’s worth of activities.

Thanks so much PitterPat Packages for allowing KP and I to have a fun date night at home!

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