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2016 Motivated Moms Chore Planner by Susan Cramer at Motivated Moms ($8)
The Motivated Moms Chore Planner is a printable planner to help you stay on top of chores with weekly calendar/planner pages that walk you through the tasks needed to maintain your home.

31 Days to a Clutter Free Life by Ruth Soukup at Living Well Spending Less ($7.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
Get inspired and empowered to clear your life of the clutter that is filling up your home, mind, and
schedule, once and for all with 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life.

All About Laundry by Tawra Kellam at Living on a Dime ($2.99)
All About Laundry will help you conquer the laundry pile and start saving today with pictures and
demonstrations that show you how to save time and money on the laundry.…

Cleaning Around the Seasons by Becky Rapinchuk at Clean Mama ($10)
Cleaning Around the Seasons is a comprehensive guide for anyone that needs to do some deep cleaning and doesn’t know how to start or where to fit it in to a busy schedule.

Cozy Minimalist Mom by Myquillyn Smith at Nesting Place ($29)
Learn the 10 concepts to create a Cozy Minimalist home even with kids through this online, self-study video course.

Family Systems by Hilary Erickson at Pulling Curls ($2.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
Discover routines and systems to help simplify and automate your life as a wife, mother and homemaker in Family Systems.

It’s About Time by Aby Garvey at Simplify 101 ($49.00)
Create a customized time management system that is in sync with your values and priorities and helps you feel in control with It’s About Time.

Make Over Your Calendar by Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom ($10)
Get control of your schedule for good with Money Saving Mom’s Makeover Your Calendar course!

Simplify by Victoria Osborn at Creative Homekeeper ($2.99)
Simplify will help you develop an understanding of what simple living means for you and your family, create a mindset of intentional living, and take simple action steps to get there.

Simplifying Home by Trina Cress at Beginner Beans ($8)
Simplifying Home will help you start where you are, embrace the simplifying process, and find peace along the way as you declutter and organize your home.

Sweet Life Planner {Mint Edition} by Laura Smith at I Heart Planners ($35)
The Sweet Life Planner will help you plan ahead, identify your top goals, and develop rock solid habits. Oh, and it’s gorgeous too!

Teaching Kids to Clean by Dana White at A Slob Comes Clean ($5)
Teaching Kids to Clean offers advice, “lesson plans,” supply lists, age-appropriate
task lists, and printables to help you teach your kids the skills necessary for big cleaning tasks.

The “Get Your Life Back” Organizational Bundle by Whitney Cornelison at Beauty in the Mess ($4.99)
The “Get Your Life Back” Organizational Bundle includes 10 colorful printables to help you organize your days, weeks and months.

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Homemaking by Kalyn Brooke at Creative Savings Blog ($4.99)
The Modern Girl`s Guide to Homemaking shows you how to run a successful home in the 21st century according to your lifestyle and schedule.


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4 Comments on 2016 Ultimate HOMEMAKING Bundle Review – Organization & Routines

  1. Hi!!! So I can get EACH book for the listed price OR I can buy the ENTIRE bundle for 30 dollars? Does it include ALL the books you have listed?

    • The ENTIRE BUNDLE of all 93 books/courses/bonuses together is $30. Yes, it’s a really incredible deal, hence why I wrote so much about it, because it otherwise feels too good to be true. 🙂

    • To order, just click on any one of the many links on the page and it should take you to the sales page. all the ebooks and ecourses are digital, so you just download them, no shipping. 🙂 For the bonuses, some of them do charge shipping on their free product, but I tried to mention whenever that happens on my Bonuses page. You usually do have to pay shipping for a physical product, but they are not allowed to charge more than whatever they normally charge for shipping. Anything particular bonus you’d like for me to look up more info on the shipping prices for?

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