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coolest homechool resourcesI’ve been slowly working on this coolest homeschool resources post for months! It’s apparently turning to to be much larger of a post than I originally thought. Sigh. Anyways – you might know that I homeschool my daughter. Next year my son as well. I’m not really a ‘homeschooling blog’, nor do I really consider myself a homeschooling “expert”. But what I *am* is an over-researcher (and fwiw, I also hold dual CA teaching credentials in Multiple Subjects/Elementary & Secondary Foundational Mathematics). So I’ve spent lots and lots and lots of time scouring the web over the past couple years looking for the coolest homeschool resources and curriculum. 

And I figure that the least I can do help others out and share about some of the fun & coolest homeschool resources I’ve stumbled upon. ? Whether or not you’re homeschooling, thinking of homeschooling, or just looking for cool supplemental educational activities to do with your kids, here’s a list of suggestions to check out. 

Everything on this coolest homeschool resources list I:
a) have actual experience with and tried out personally,
b) haven’t yet tried personally, but plan to use soon, or
c) found in my research of a & b above and think is pretty cool and worth sharing about still. 

*This is an incomplete and likely ever-growing list. I will continue to add to this coolest homeschool resources list as we use and try out more and more resources.*

**Some resources are listed in one or more categories because they could fit into both.**

***This is mostly a secular-ish best homeschool resources list. A few resources might lightly hint at religion in a more holistic, Christian/Jewish/nonsectarian, “God/Higher Power” type of way – but none are overtly religious.***

NEW: I’ve re-vamped much of my blog to focus on critical thinking and logic. As such, I’ve gather together a bunch pf critical thinking & logic resources and materials here:

Critical Thinking & Logic Curriculum & Resources


FULL-PACKAGE Homeschool Curriculum

Build Your Library (Literature/History based) – I used this with my daughter last year and will probably consider using them in the future too. A bit different than the programs listed below, BYL is really more of a lesson plan than a full homeschool curriculem package. You buy the lesson plans online, and then you also need to get all the books (either from the library, or buy new/used). Because you can buy the necessary books however you want – or borrow them from the library – BYL can be a very affordable option. I like that they are heavily literature based. If you want to expose your children to some complex reading, this is the way to go. 
Ages/Grades: Kinder – 12th

Bookshark (Literature/History based) – Bookshark is the secular counterpart to their sister company Sonlight (which is a Christian homeschool curriculum provider). I’ve only used the Science portion, but I like that the all-subject package is literature/history based and if I was looking for a simple all-in-one package or was new to homeschool, Bookshark offers a pretty good program. 
Ages/Grades: PreK – 8th

Timberdoodle – Originally a religious-based homeschool curriculum company, Timberdoodle now offers Non-Religious Curriculum Kits as well. I have not used this program, but I like many of the subject components and feel it’s a good one to suggest. 
Ages/Grades: PreK-12th

Bridgeway Academy (Learning Style based) – Bridgeway offers a few different schooling options, but for this post I’m most interested in their Homeschool Curriculum Kits. At the elementary level, I especially like how they’ve segmented their curriculum into learning styles. They have curriculum kits built for Doers (kinesthetic learners), Watchers (visual learners) and Listeners (auditory learners).
Ages/Grades: Kinder – High School

SINGLE-SUBJECT Coolest Homeschool Resources

English-Language Arts

Reading Eggs (Phonics/Reading/Spelling) (see online curriculum section below) – This is one of my coolest homeschool resources.
Ages/Grades: Ages 2 – 13
Where to find: Reading Eggs website, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

Handwriting Without Tears (Handwriting) – for some odd reason I was hesitant to use this at first, but it really is the go-to handwriting curriculum out there for a reason. My daughter’s used the workbooks, my son has used the preschool workbook, both kids like the ipad Wet-Dry-Try app, and now we even have the chalkboards too.
Ages/Grades: PreK- 5th grade
Where to find: HWT website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource

Toon Books (Reading) – I found these books when looking for resources for my not-yet-reading son, and what I LOVE about them is that they are great for new or reluctant readers who love the visual sequencing of comic books. You can also download lesson plans to go along with all the books too!
Ages/Grades: PreK-
Where to find: Toon Books website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Explode The Code (Phonics) – This is a pretty popular phonics program. We have a few of the workbooks though I admit that we have not had a chance to work in them ourselves yet. Perhaps next year we will dig into them more. 
Ages/Grades: PreK – 4th
Where to find: ETC website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource

Sequential Spelling(Spelling) – We have these books, but have not actually used them yet. But they seem to be a good option and hopefully soon I’ll update with a personal review. 
Ages/Grades: Ages 6 – 13 yrs
Where to find: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource



Mathseeds (see online curriculum section below) – this is one of my core teaching materials and personal coolest homeschool resources. 
Ages/Grades: Ages 3 – 9
Where to find: Reading Eggs website, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

Life of Fred– I’ve only done the first two books with my daughter, but I’m hoping to maybe re-visit the series with my son now as well. Life of Fred is popular in homeschool circles, yet it’s a bit quirky and not for everyone. What I love is that is teaches math in a very holistic manner – kids learn about higher level thinking topics that are just built into the story. Basic equations (i.e. 3 + x = 7) are introduced at the exact same time as the concept of basic addition facts like 3 + 4 = 7. There are a couple questions a the end of each chapter, but most students will need extra practice. Life of Fred is good as either a math supplement, or as the core around which you base you math lessons. 
*LOF does have some very minor religious elements, but I have not found them to be significant enough to not be able to be used in a secular homeschool as well. 
Ages/Grades: All levels, Elementary – College
Where to find: LOF website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource

Thinkster Math (also see educational websites section below) – online math tutoring
Ages/Grades: Kinder – 8th



SciTT Kits – What I like the most about Scitt Kits is that you can order an entire year’s worth of science materials and lessons and it all comes organized in one big box. You don’t have to worry about buying searching your house to find a paperclip or rubberband – everything is included. 
Ages/Grades: K- 6th

Zoobooks – Remember these from being a kid? A subscription to these have been on my list of things to add to my homeschool subscriptions but we haven’t done so yet. Bu I don’t know why! Now that I’m looking a them again, I really should subscribe. My kids would love to get these in the mail. 
Ages/Grades: Preschool – 12yrs
Where to find: Zoobooks website, Amazon

TOPS Learning – I stumbled upon one of their plant growing workbooks at a recent Lending Library event my local homeschool charter school put on. They have a lot of really awesome science & math workbooks for upper elementary-high school. However, when I went to their website I discovered that, based in Paradise, CA and like most of the entire town, they were sadly destroyed by the recent Camp Fire. While you can find some of their printed materials from third-party sellers, they are selling all their stuff in ebook form for now until they can re-build. If you’re able, buying an ebook directly from their site would probably be most helpful for them!
Ages/Grades: 3rd – 12th
Where to find: TOPS website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource

History/Social Studies

Story Of The World – this is a somewhat popular curriculum, and there’s lots of mixed reviews out there about it. Some people hate it and feel like it’s not 100% accurate, or too Judaeo-Christian, or too boring, or whatever. But it works well for us! I like that it talks about religion in the context of the history of the world, but doesn’t teach religion. I like reading the text like a story, and then doing the activities. (Btw, I strongly recommend getting the Activity Guide to go along with the main book).  One other thing I like is that there’s not really “grade levels”; there’s 4 volumes that move through the course of history, but you can go through each book at any age really. Generally it’s suggested to start with Volume 1 around 1st grade, but starting anywhere from K-3rd is probably fine. SOTW also works well with multi-grade level spans and you can combine multiple children into the same lessons. This next year I’m planning to do Vol. 1 with my 2nd grader & Kinder together.
Ages/Grades: 1st – 8th
Where to find: Well Trained Mind website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource,

History Odyssey – I was originally torn between History Odyssey and Story of the World. They seem to follow the same basic timeline structure. At some point, I may try out History Odyssey instead of SOTW. It’s a good option worth considering.
Ages/Grades: 1st – 12th
Where to find: Pandia Press website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource

Around The World Stories – this has been offered in a couple of the Ultimate Bundle packages such as the Parenting bundle and Homemaking bundle. Audio stories about different counties. 
Ages/Grades: Ages 5 – 12?

History Unboxed (see subscription box section below)
Another of my coolest homeschool resources.
Ages/Grades: 5yo – 16+


Pianu.com (Piano) – I recently became interested in learning how to play the piano/keyboard myself and decide to make learning how to play a family affair. I stumbled upon Pianu and it’s the perfect fit for MY learning style. It’s especially awesome if you have a MIDI keyboard that you can plug up to your computer too. 
Ages/Grades: probably best for older beginning students, maybe 12+?

Busy Kids Do Piano (Piano) – I have not tried this one out, but my TF (Teacher Facilitator) at my independent study charter school recommended it as one a lot of her families use. 
Ages/Grades: 5 – 16yo?

MusikAtHome (Music) – I have not tried this out personally, but it’s been part of the Ultimate Bundle packages such as the Parenting bundle and Homemaking bundle, so I’m throwing it out here.
Ages/Grades: 0 – 7 yo

Foreign Language

Talkbox.mom (also see subscription box listing below) – we’ve just started using Talkbox this summer and it’s pretty cool! The boxes are set up for an entire family to learn to start conversing in a foreign language together. 
Referral Code: $15 off your first TalkBox/book purchase – REF21GYHAN7QF
Ages/Grades: PreK – 8th? Great for multi-age spans/whole family. 

Teach Me Tapes – I found these out our local library. I really like that you can find them on Amazon as a digital download to play whenever you’re out and about. Familiar songs in another langauge to help learn learn.
Ages/Grades: Pre-K – 5th?
Where to find: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

I have not used any of these (yet), but hey look like decent foreign language options to check out:
Muzzy (find at Homeschool Buyers Co-Op)
Mango (find at Homeschool Buyers Co-Op)
Middlebury (find at Homeschool Buyers Co-Op)
Dino Lingo

Logic/Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking Company (Critical Thinking) – Admittedly, I have not used these books yet, but I’ve been looking into them and plan to try a few for next year. They offer critical thinking curriculum as well as critical-thinking based workbooks on all subjects. 
Ages/Grades: PreK – 12th
Where to find: Critical Thinking Company website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rainbow Resource

ChessKid.com (Chess) – My daughter really likes this. We have it set up on the ipad and she can watch lessons and even play against other kids. If your kid’s into chess, this is a good one.
Ages/Grades: 5yo – 13yo


Boss Club (Entrepreneurship) (also see Subscription Box section below) – I haven’t used this one, but it looks cool! It’s not a subscription box necessarily, as you only buy one box at a time, but it comes in a box like a subscription service. Helps your kid set up their own business in selling homemade dog treats, bath bombs, or cake pops. 
Ages/Grades: 6 – 14 yo

Online Best Homeschool Resources /Programs

Reading Eggs/ Math Seeds – One of my coolest homeschool resources. I LOVE Reading Eggs (Language Arts) and Mathseeds (Math)!! It’s the main curriculum we use for Math and Reading. There’s an online program – also an Apple & Google Play app for tablets/phone – and now they also have workbooks that align with the online lessons. My kids love playing this and it’s really easy for  me to “assign” them lessons. Really they just play, and they don’t even realize they’re doing “lessons” at all.
Age Range: For Language Arts, from preschool – 5th grade. For Math: K-2nd (I wish it would go higher ? )
Where to find: Reading Eggs website, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

Starfall – If you have a toddler/preschooler just starting to be interested in games on the ipad/tablet/phone – Starfall is for you! Not a program with a specific learning path, instead your child just explores and plays. There’s also the Parent-Teacher Center with tons of customized worksheets! They even have a totally complete homeschool curriculum for Pre-K and Kinder! I used the Kinder program with my daughter and will probably use a lot of it next year with my son too.
Ages/Grades: PreK-3rd, though probably best for PreK-1st.

ABC Mouse/ Adventure Academy – I’ve never used either of these, but apparently they’re pretty popular programs, so I’m including them here. ABC Mouse is for Preschool – 2nd grade. Adventure Academy is for 2nd – 8th. 
Promo: For the summer, ABC Mouse is having a 2-months-for-$5 special
Ages/Grades: Ages 2 – 13


Videos/Apps/Educational Websites


Preschool Prep – I first discovered Preschool Prep at the library when my daughter was 3. I checked out one of their Meet The Sight Words videos and my daughter pretty much learned to read them all after jut a couple viewings. In fact, I can confidently state that Preschool Prep is what taught her how to read. I never had to sit down and teach her. Since then, we’ve acquired all the Phonics series, the Sight Word series, 2 of the Addition series, Meet The Letters and Meet the Numbers. We have a couple Preschool Prep apps too. For visual learners, Preschool Prep is truly awesome. I wish it’d been around when I was a kid – I would’ve learned quickly from them!  
Ages/Grades: 3 – 10yo?
Where to find: Preschool Prep website, Amazon (available on Prime video & Kindle apps)


Reading Eggs/Mathseeds (also see Online Curriculum section above) – I first discovered Reading Eggs because of their apps!
Where to find: Amazon Kindle

Starfall (also see Online Curriculum section above) – Starfall is excellent used on tablets and phones and even has some stand-alone apps you can use. 
Where to find: Amazon Kindle

Preschool Prep (also see Videos section above) – Though I was introduced to Preschool Prep for its’ videos, I also now use some of their apps and recommend them. 
Where to find: PP website, Amazon Kindle


Thinkster Math (Online Math Tutoring) – I have not actually used this program, however, I’ve bookmarked it as a possible place to go to for part-time tutoring work myself (you know, when I get my life  childcare together so I have time to work again. 🙂 ) Either way, I figure i might be a helpful option for someone so I’m throwing it on this list. 

BrainPop – We LOOOOOVE BrainPop. I’ve been using Brain Pop since my student teaching days forever and ever ago. If there’s one website you’re going to pay for and use for your kids, BrainPop should be a strong consideration. This is pretty much a staple in schools across the country. And for sure a coolest homeschool resource too. 
Ages/Grades: K – 8th

Discovery Education Streaming Plus – We get this provided to us through our independent study charter school and it’s fantastic. Earlier this year we went to a Pompeii exhibit and afterward wanted to watch some educational videos about the event. There were a couple on YouTube, but NOTHING compared to what I found on DE about Pompeii! 
Ages/Grades: K – 12th
Where to find: Homeschool Buyers Co-Op


Subscription Boxes


Build Your Library Family Reading Crates – books for the whole family, by the creators of the Build Your Library curriculum (see full-package homeschool curriculum above)

Bookroo – this has been part of a several recent Ultimate Bundles. I have not tried them out yet, but I keep seeing them and I think about it. 
Ages/Grades: Ages 0 – 10yo

Ivy Kids – each month revolves around a book, and then it comes with a bunch of learning activities that have to do with the book.
Ages/Grades: Ages 3 – 8


Kiwi Crate – Kiwi Crate is a pretty popular subscription box for kids, but that’s because it really is pretty great! Their company has really expanded over the years and now offers boxes from babies to teens, in STEM, Art, and Geography! We upgraded to the “Deluxe” box which sends an on-theme book each month with my daughter’s box. Kind of a side topic, but i LOVE that most of the materials within each month’s box are made of wood or cardboard or other biodegradable materials rather than more plastic junk. 
Ages/Grades: 0 – 104 yo!

Groovy Lab In a Box – I first learned about Groovy Lab In a Box YEARS ago when I worked at an online charter school. They sounded so cool, but they were geared toward older kids and I knew I’d have a few years until my own kids would be old enough to enjoy. I’m excited that my daughter is old enough now and we can maybe finally try them out ourselves!
Ages/Grades: Ages 8 and up

Magic School Bus Science Club – Confession: we’ve gotten the first few packages but haven’t done any of them yet, so I suppose I can’t fully add this to my recommend list. But I kids love watching the magic School Bus videos, so I don’t see how this could go wrong. You can get these from The Young Scientist’s Club website. I saw that they also have a Clifford series of science kits for younger kids and I’m seriously considering it for my new Kindergartner son next year.
Ages/Grades: 5yo – 12yo

Green Kids Crafts – I’ve only tried one of their boxes a few years ago, but I keep it on my short list of new kids boxes to try. 
Ages/Grades: 2yo – 10yo

History/Social Studies

History Unboxed – you might not have heard of History Unboxed before, but let me tell you, I love their boxes! One of my personal coolest homeschool resources. High educational value, and they go along well with any study on Ancient or Medieval Times, especially as a companion to the popular Story Of The World curriculum. I like that they don’t dumb down their material; we used this when my daughter was 5 and while the stuff was a little over her head, she still enjoyed it. I mean, I was teaching her about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave when she was 5! Great classical stuff here. 
Ages/Grades: 5yo – 16+

Little Passports – we did the Little Explorers program with my daughter and loved it, but my daughter wasn’t as interested once we got to the World Edition stage. At some point I’d like to re-visit these boxes, maybe with the USA subscription? Either way, it’s a popular option!
Ages/Grades: 3yo – 9+

Atlas Crates – part of the Kiwi Crate Line.
Ages/Grades: 6yo – 11yo


Green Kids Crafts – I’ve only tried one of their boxes a few years ago, but I keep it on my short list of new kids boxes to try. 
Ages/Grades: 2yo – 10yo


Orange Art Box

Foreign Language

Talkbox.mom (also see foreign language listing below) – we’ve just started using Talkbox this summer and it’s pretty cool! The boxes are set up for an entire family to learn to start conversing in a foreign language together. 
Referral Code: $15 off your first TalkBox/book purchase – REF21GYHAN7QF
Ages/Grades: PreK – 8th? Great for multi-age spans/whole family. 


KidStir – have not tried yet, but considering one of these cooking boxes for us for next year.
Ages/Grades: Ages 5 – 10

Raddish Kids – have not tried yet, but considering one of these cooking boxes for us for next year.
Ages/Grades: Ages 4 – 14+


Wonder Crate (Role Models) – a box that introduces kids to role models and encourages them to do great things in the world.
Ages/Grades: Ages 7 – 11.

Kids Night In (Quality Time)I’ve reviewed a few Date Night In boxes (their counterpart for moms/dads to get to spend some time together) as well as one of their Kids Night In boxes from a couple years ago. Kids Night In, like Date Night In, focuses on spending quality time together.
Ages/Grades: Ages 3 – 11

Boss Club (Entrepreneurship) (also see single subject curriculum section below) – I haven’t used this one, but it looks cool! It’s not a subscription box necessarily, as you only buy one box at a time, but it comes in a box like a subscription service. Helps your kid set up their own business in selling homemade dog treats, bath bombs, or cake pops. 
Ages/Grades: 6 – 14 yo

The Preschool Box (Preschool Reading) – if you have preschoolers and want to get a jump start on helping them learn pre-reading skills, this might be a god box for you.
Ages/Grades: Ages 3 – 6

Supplies/Purchasing Companies/Online Worksheets

Purchasing Companies

Amazon – Obviously you can get just about anything and everything from Amazon, but for some of the more specialized homeschool resources, you can often better find what you’re looking for at one of the below website when you can’t at Amazon. (although at Amazon you’re more likely to be able to find used books.)

Rainbow Resource – hands down, this is first place I go to when looking for the best homeschool curriculum I can find! Definitely a coolest homeschool resource! They have just about everything you could want, if it comes in a tangible product (not apps or digital products), then Rainbow Resource probably has it. 

Homeschool Buyers Co-Op – if I’m looking for an online program or digital resource (or even a full curriculum package), then Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is my go-to. They offer great discounts and access to programs you otherwise might not be able to get without a school license purchase. Sometimes, if I’m looking for new curriculum ideas, I’ll just browse through Homeschool Buyers to see what cool stuff is out there. 

Learning Resources – high quality manipulatives and other hand-on learning supplies & toys.

Scholastic – books, books, books and more kids books!

Discount School Supplies – I have never ordered from this site before, but hey, the word “Discount” is in the title, so I figure it can’t hurt to check here for possible good deals?


Steve Spangler Science



Online Worksheets

Techers Pay Techers

Camps & Co-Ops






More Coolest Homeschool Resources to come!!

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  1. Wonder create was OK, but not my favorite. You should check out girls can! Crate. Very cool!

  2. Thank you so much for all of this! I am so excited to try so many of these options as we begin our first year of official homeschool , kinder and pre-3. Maybe I missed this, but do you have a planner/calendar you love? I feel like trying to use my regular life planner will not work out.

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