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Over the past year, I’ve gotten more into couponing. Honestly, I’m not gonna lie – it’s a lot of work and time. Yes, it saves a good deal of money…but I can’t say that the time spent on clipping, matching, organizing and planning a coupon shopping trip is completely worth it. But it is what it is and for right now, every little bit of money helps, so I do it.

By the way, I know a lot of people have seen that “Extreme Couponing” show on TLC, but the reality is, is very hard to get to that point and get all those things for free. For one thing, you have to live in an area of the country that has local stores that still doubles coupons…and it would probably also help to live in a place where the cost of living/groceries is much lower than Southern California. You’d also have to put some serious time into collecting copious amounts of weekly newspaper coupon inserts from somewhere.

I will never be able to be an “extreme” couponer like that. But every once in a while, I get a tiny glimpse of the excitement of couponing. Tonight was one of those nights. I got all this, ~$132 worth of products.
everythingfor less than $35.

Pretty cool, right??

In case anyone is curious, here are the details of my trip. I had to actually divide my trip into 4 separate transactions because you are only allowed to use ONE $-off-so-much-spent each transaction. But it worked out well for me to do that anyways, because I could roll over my Easy Care Bucks (which are like CVS money you earn and then can spend in a future visit/transaction). Sorry about all the coupon lingo! 🙂


toothpasteTransaction #1: Oral Care
(2) boxes Crest 3D White Toothpaste reg. $4.29 ea., sale $2.99 ea.
(2) boxes Crest BE Toothpaste reg. $5.49 ea., sale $4.99
(4) packs Stride Gum reg. $1.79 ea. sale $1 ea.
Coupons used:
     – (2) $0.75/1 Crest 3D White coupons (P&G 3/2)
– (2) $1/1 Crest BE coupons (Coupons.com)
– (2) $1/2 Stride Gum coupons (SS 3/16)
     – (1) $2/$8 Oral Care CVS Machine coupon
Out-Of-Pocket TOTAL (including tax): $13.90 for $29.48 worth of product
ECB received: $13.00
     – $4 for Crest 3D White ($2 ECB off ea. limit 2)
     – $8 for Crest BE ($4 ECB off ea. limit 2)
     – $1 for Stride Gum ($1 ECB off 2, limit 1)
babyproductsTransaction #2: Baby Care Products
(1) pkg. Pampers Swaddlers reg. $12.99, sale $8.99
(1) box Little Remedies Gripe Water reg. $11.99
(1) box Little Remedies Gas Drops reg. $9.49, B1G1 50% sale $4.74
(1) bottle Johnson’s Baby Wash reg. $4.59, sale $3.00
(1) pkg. CVS Toddler Wipes reg. $1.57
Coupons used:
     – (1) $0.75/1 Johnson’s Baby Wash/Shampoo (coupons.com)
     – (1) $1.50/1 Pampers diapers pkg (P&G 3/2)
     – (1) $5/$30 Baby Care CVS Machine couponOut-Of-Pocket TOTAL (including tax): $25.77 for $43.36 worth of product
ECB received: $10.00

     – $10 for spending $30 on advertised baby items
foodTransaction #3: Food

(2) boxes Honey Nut Cheerios reg. $4.39 ea., sale $3.00 ea.

(1) box Cinnamon Toast Crunch reg. $4.39, sale $3.00
(1) can Progresso soup reg. $3.19, sale $1.49
(3) bags Wonderful Pistachios reg. $6.79 ea., sale $3.99 ea.
(1) can Gold Emblem honey cinnamon almonds reg. $6.79
(1) can Gold Emblem honey roasted mixed nuts, reg. $6.49, BOGO sale $0.00

Coupons used:
     – (3) $1/1 General Mills cereal (peelies I had gotten on a previous shopping trip)
     – (1) $1/1 Progresso soup (SS 3/2)

– (3) $0.50/1 Wonderful pistachios (SS 1/19)

     – (1) $0.50/1 Progresso soup CVS Machine coupon
     – (1) $5/$25 CVS coupon I was emailed
     – (1) $8 ECB rolled over from Transaction #1
     – (1) $10 ECB rolled over from Transaction #2
Out-Of-Pocket TOTAL (including tax): $0.25 for $49.41 worth of product
ECB received: $3.00
– $3 for General Mills ($3 ECB off 3 GM cereals, limit 1)
softsoapTransaction #4: Softsoap
(2) Softsoap body wash bottles reg. $4.99 ea., sale $3.50 ea.
Coupons used:
     – (1) $1/$5 Body Wash CVS Machine coupon
     – (1) $4 ECB rolled over from Transaction #1
     – (1) $1 ECB rolled over from Transaction #1Out-Of-Pocket TOTAL (including tax): $1.63 for $10.61 worth of product
ECB received: $4.00
– $4 for Softsoap ($4 ECB off 2 Softsoap body washes, limit 1)

Out-of-Pocket I spent (including tax): $41.55 for $132.86 worth of product. AND I still have $7 in ECB left over, so it’s really like $34.55 for $132.68 worth of product – a 74% savings!!

Ok, so I’m a nerd. But I thought it was pretty fun. 🙂

By the way, if anyone is curious, I find out about how to match coupons and sales by following a couple of different sites and blogs. The first website that I strongly suggest is The Grocery Game. While you get a free trial month, after that you do have to pay. It’s like $5-10 each store you add. I normally HATE paying for websites, but I think it’s honestly very worth it. It’s worth checking out at the very least.

The other blogs that I follow are: Money Saving Mom – a huge blog with a huge following, but a very helpful and friendly blog. I follow this site to get updates about great coupons that are available to print as well as all types of savings and deals that are out there that I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Wild for CVS

Totally Target

There’s also a site out there called The Krazy Koupon Lady, and I followed it for awhile, but then I just got overwhelmed with all the coupons and matchups they posted all the time and decided I didn’t have the time for it. But you might enjoy it. (And I may be wrong, but I think that the creator of the Krazy Koupon Lady was actually ON the “Extreme Couponing” show. 🙂 )

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