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ThredUp Goody Box Review - My Clothing Dreams Finally Happened!Ok, sorry to be an annoyingly-over-excited-about all-the-things blogger here for a moment – you know I now strive for authenticity and honestly in everything I write – but I’m actually excited about doing this ThredUp Goody Box review post (post links are referral links, but this post was not sponsored at all! I paid for this service/clothes all on my own with my own money. :))

If you’ve been around while, you’ve seen me post ThredUp reviews before. It’s pretty much where I buy most of my clothes.
a) I like being sustainable and reusing instead of buying new.
b) I like saving money.
c) I’m totally fine not being at the super tiptop of fashion.

So ThredUp‘s “secondhand” clothes are absolutely a perfect fit for me. 

I’ve bought clothes from them. I’ve sold clothes to them. I’m on their mailing list. And the other week, this email popped up in my inbox.ThredUp Goody Box Review - My Clothing Dreams Finally Happened!

so I clicked on the email.

ThredUp Goody Box Review - My Clothing Dreams Finally Happened!

I immediately understood what I saw and I IMMEDIATELY signed up. 

I figured, hey, it was only ten bucks and I could tell my trusty blog all about it and write a ThredUp Goody Box Review post. So I did. 

What is the ThredUp Goody Box?
Kind of like StitchFix or Golden Tote, you are sent a box of clothes that a ‘stylist’ pics out for you for a nominal deposit. When you get the box, you try on the clothes, and decide what you want to keep and mail everything else back. You’re charged for whatever you keep, minus the up-front deposit. 

How much does it cost?
It’s $10, and as long as you buy at least one thing from the box, that $10 goes toward your purchase. If you don’t keep anything at all, then yeah, I guess you’re out 10 bucks, but realistically, out of 15 items pried as low as $10, I figure you’re likely to keep at least ONE thing, so it’s worth it.

Unlike StitchFix, you can order a ThredUp Goody Box whenever. Or whenever not. It’s not a subscription. You don’t automatically get a new box monthly; you only get a new box when you place a new order.

How does it work? 
You sign up on the ThredUp website HERE, and answer a few quick questions about your style preferences. You can also include a link to a pinterest board if you have one with personal style choices. You’re able to tell them what clothing items you’re most looking for – I told them I wanted skirts, dresses, and tops. Supposedly, the stylist can also look at any items you’ve favorited on the ThredUp site to get a feel for your style too. 

I forgot to go through and mark a bunch of favorites and I didn’t include a link to a pinterest board. So…

My experience with and my ThredUp Goody Box review?
Long story short: This first box was only ok. I only kept one thing. But I’m already ordering another box to try it out again! 

Here were the entire box contents. It’s pretty much just a pile of clothes, there was so much stuff. 

ThredUp Goody Box Review - My Clothing Dreams Finally Happened!

Before I’d opened this box, I noticed that I could log into my ThredUp account and there was already a list of all the included items. I could tell right off the back that a good portion of the items were totally not my style, so admittedly, out of the 15 items I received, I knew immediately that I was only going to try on a couple things.


Definitely NMS. Didn’t even bother trying on.


Side note: I got my 6.5 yr old daughter to take these pictures with my “fancy camera”. Yes, I’m totally becoming another one of those bloggers who makes my kid be my photographer. Whatever. She had fun and took her role seriously, trying out different angles and viewpoints and yelling at her brother to stay out of the frame. She was pretty cute.

ThredUp Goody Box Review - My Clothing Dreams Finally Happened!

Outfit 1: Zara Basic sleeveless blouse ($15.99) and J. Crew casual skirt ($11.99)

The skirt was a winner all around. Pockets, cotton, breezy, good price. I kind of liked the top, but I liked it better tucked in and I didn’t love the bottom drawstring gather, and the button in the back (not pictured) had been really hard to button. I also tried it with the necklace that also came in the Goody Box.

ThredUp Goody Box Review - My Clothing Dreams Finally Happened!

Outfit 2: Maeve casual dress ($23.99)

Originally, I wasn’t even going to bother trying this one on. But I liked it more once I saw it in person, so I gave it a shot. I actually may have liked it, if it wasn’t so see-through and if it’d been more fitted. I also paired it with the same necklace as Outfit 1.

ThredUp Goody Box Review - My Clothing Dreams Finally Happened!

Outfit 3: Jones New York casual skirt ($11.99)

I didn’t really like the print on this skirt, but the price was good, and it had pockets, and I needed some easy skirts I could match with a simple tank top and wear around the house. So all in all, this skirt was ok. But – it was dry clean only. And I just don’t have that time. So I passed. 

Final Result:

Even though I only kept one thing from this initial box, I really enjoyed the concept of these Goody Boxes. I’ve always wanted to do the StitchFix thing, but I hate paying full retail for clothes, and now that there’s a similar option that’s more affordable and sustainable w/ThredUp? How could I not be hooked? :) 

I already ordered a new Goody Box to try it out again! Of course, this time I learned a bit and gave the stylist more specifics as to what I was looking for and not looking for (i.e. no ‘cold-shoulder’, no dry clean only, no capris, etc). I also favorited a bunch of items on the ThredUp site that fit my style more. Hopefully this helps the stylist make a better selection for me.

I’m definitely curious to see how the next Goody Box will work out!



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