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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to my emails, you’ve probably already seen this announcement. Or even if you saw it, you might not have taken much notice. 

But guys. I started a NEW website. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I have a hard time keeping this blog up-to-date, how in the world do I have the time to start another website. 

Let’s just say that this is something that’s been brewing in the back of my mind for awhile and I just needed the right push to finally take the plunge. You could almost even say that it’s something I feel called to do. So I’m doing this. 

I talked about it a bit more in my recent post – “Fuuuu…dge” and now it’s come to fruition. 

My Brand New Website! Marriage Real Life Stories: marriage-irl.com

Introducing: marriage-irl!!

I’ve got bigger plans for the site too, but right now, it’s a place to collect stories about marriage. Marriage real life stories. About the hard stuff. And about marriages that have gotten through those times. 

Guys. I’m excited about this. REEEEEEAAAALLLLY excited about this. It’s pretty much what The Screenwriter’s Wife has been building to for the past few years. 

I’m getting the word out about the site now. Starting social media profiles for it. Hoping that eventually people will have enough courage to anonymously share their own story so that they can help other marriages. I know it will be hard at first. No one wants to go first. It’s hard to share private things. But I’m patient. I have hope. This is going to be big. This is going to be a place of support and help for marriages in those tough times. 

If you haven’t checked out the site yet, please do! Sign up for the notification list to be let known when I’ve got new features up on the site.

No, I don’t really have the time to be starting a new website. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed over here keeping on top of all my normal mom duties and life duties — but I feel like this new site NEEDS to happen. The modern culture of marriage needs it. Individual couples who are struggling need it. 

So I need to do this. 

And if you agree with the site’s goals too, I’d love your support.  
– I need people to be brave and (anonymously) submit their personal stories
– I need people to share about the website to their friends, to post about it on social media, to get people to the site that might need to find it. 

If you can do either one of those things, it would be awesome. You would be awesome. You’d be helping other marriages. 

I’m still working on my own marketing for the site, but realistically, I’m only one person with 3 young kids and trying to devote my spare time to. But I’m doing what I can. 

If you’re a pinner, here are two pins you can pin (please click on the image to be taken to the pin and then pin from Pinterest):
My Brand New Website! Marriage Real Life Stories: marriage-irl.com  My Brand New Website! Marriage Real Life Stories: marriage-irl.com

If you prefer sharing on Twitter or Facebook, you can click the sharing links above this post…or even better…go to marriage-irl.com and share from there! 

If you’d like it, here’s some square images you can use too for sharing (click for full sized image you can download):
My Brand New Website! Marriage Real Life Stories: marriage-irl.com My Brand New Website! Marriage Real Life Stories: marriage-irl.com My Brand New Website! Marriage Real Life Stories: marriage-irl.com My Brand New Website! Marriage Real Life Stories: marriage-irl.com

OR – you can also follow marriage-irl.com on its social media channels too!
marriage-irl on Instagram
marriage-irl on Pinterest
marriage-irl on Facebook
Sign up for marriage-irl’s website notification email list.

Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement in this new endeavor of mine! 



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