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In case anyone’s been wondering (not that anyone wonders about these things about me, but you know, just in case), I’m still working on that invention I talked about here and here. More specifically, I’ve been fiddling around with the prototype for the past couple weeks. I’m getting a bit nervous about it, because I think I may, just maybe, have something here. It’s taken a lot of thought and a lot of mixing stuff and sewing stuff and researching stuff and using my kid as a guinea pig and watching how he does stuff.

But as of this morning, I actually think I have something that may just work the way I want it to. And my ‘super scientific’ google patent search has not revealed a similar idea. Well, it looks like people have tried things that would meet the same overall purpose, so it’s obviously a need – but no one seems to yet have created anything (or at least filed a patent for) that performs the same function as well as my idea.

Hmm….we shall see. It kind of makes me nervous. This would be an enormous project to take on. Do I really want to invent something? I’m not sure. I’m looking forward to visiting home next week and seeking advice from my multiple-patent-holder dad as to where I should go from here…or if I should just drop the whole idea.

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