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If you read my Date Night In review post from last month, one of the things I regretted is not looking at the suggested recipes beforehand or incorporating a meal for KP and I into the date. 

So this month, I made sure to.

We didn’t have all the ingredients for any of the suggested recipes on hand, but I decided to stick to the theme anyway and go for foil dinners. Because foil dinners remind me of camping as a kid. And they’re delicious. 

If we’d had a firepit outside, I think I would’ve set up this date in the backyard. We don’t have an outdoor firepit though…but we do have an indoor fire place! 

Also, our kids would not go to sleep and kept making excuses to get out of bed because they thought it was sooo cool that their mom & dad had built a fort in the living room, lol. 

Anyways – on to the date night!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Date Night In, but as always, all these words and opinions and thoughts are my own – no one tells me what to write. Honesty and transparency are very important to me!

Here is May 2018’s Date Night In Box Review – Adventure Together:

Box contents:

  • Adventure Together date night instruction guide
  • Star Certificate – Date Night In bought a star for all of us! 🙂
  • I Would/I Would Never cards
  • Deck of cards
  • Popcorn on the cob microwave popcorn
  • 3 tealight candles

enlarge image for more contest info

One thing that I thought was kind of cool is that there was a contest in this Adventure Together box and the best fort would win some cool prizes! While I’m sure our fort was not the awesomest ever and we might not win any prizes, still, we decided to get into the mood of things and built a fort right in front of our super awesome new fireplace

We pulled our foil dinners out of the oven and by the way, I decided we should totally cook foil dinners in the oven more often because they were delicious. Only slightly less delicious than campfire foil dinners that come with an added side of ashes. 

After a nice fireside dinner, we played the included “I Would, I Would Never” game, which basically was a bunch of questions about outdoor/adventurous topics and whether or not we’d ever want to try them. I learned that KP wants to summit Mount Everest on his 40th birthday!

One fun thing that this Date Night In box included was an ear of popcorn. That you just stuck into the microwave as is and popped! I’d never seen that before!

Actually, wait….no, I’ve sort of seen this before. Once upon a time I grew some popcorn in my garden and took an ear of the popcorn camping with me. Then, for kicks, I stuck it on a stick and tried to pop it over the campfire. That ended up being a fun, though pretty much fruitless, experiment.  

So I was happily surprised to see that this ear of popcorn in the microwave actually worked!

With our bowl of popcorn, we tried to locate the Date Night In star and then played the card game Speed. Do you remember this game? I probably haven’t played in a couple decades maybe, but I remember that I used to LOVE this game as a kid. It was fun trying to remember the rules and feeling some of that old school childhood competitiveness kick in!

At this point in the date, as often happens with most other date night boxes, we just hung out. We toyed with the idea of making smores on the fireplace, but didn’t have all the ingredients. So we just talked, and then cleaned up our fort together, and talked some more. 

I love that these date night boxes create that space for you to just “be” with your spouse. Often in this busy world, unless we make time to have time together, we never will. 

All the Date Night In details:

  • $31.66 – $41.99/month, depending on subscription length you choose.
  • Shipping Cost: FREE Shipping
  • When you log into your DNI account, you can view recipes and playlists tailored to your each box’s theme.
  • They also have a “Faith Night In” option that you can add to your date nights, but I haven’t reviewed this option. You’re welcome to check it out if that seems like a good fit for you though.
  • They also have a Kids Night In box option, which I’ve reviewed HERE

Thanks Date Night In for letting us review one of your boxes!


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  1. BEWARE – If you ever decide to order http://www.nightinboxes.com/ there is no notice of renewal of your boxes. And it will be renewed for the same amount of time you originally signed up for. They will NOT give refunds if you are not happy with the product. I prepaid for six months of boxes in December which I have received and did not mind – they weren’t stellar but they were fine. However I did not remember the exact date of my “renewal” and they automatically renewed six more months of boxes without notice. So I kindly asked to cancel the remaining five boxes that hadn’t shipped within 48 hours of noticing the renewal and they have refused to give a refund. I was more than happy to pay for the box that had already shipped but now they are charging me $250 for a product I don’t want and haven’t even received yet. So just be aware if you sign up for this, make sure you know your exact renewal date or cancel your renewal immediately after purchasing so you at least have the option later of changing the number you will receive and will not be caught off guard when it happens. I am very disappointed in the customer service and will be sharing my unhappiness with everyone I can.

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