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What is it called when you write a bunch of twitter posts all in a row, continuing one sentence onto the next tweet, over and over in order to tell a longer story or thought? Whatever it’s called, that’s what I just did. Who knows why I wrote it on twitter instead of a blog post, but for some reason, it just flowed that way better.

Anyway, since I’m all about cross posting on multiple social media platforms – and because I’m sure that no one is reading my twitter feed in the middle on the night and will catch it – here is my recent tweet stream:

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For full effect, go here to see it on my twitter wall.

I did not really like #BreakingBad, I admit it. I didn’t think I was going to like #BetterCallSaul either, but

I watched with KP & found myself really enjoying #BetterCallSaul. Like, a lot. It was much different than #BreakingBad & the main character

, James McGill (later known as #SaulGoodman) seemed to have a moral compass and truly wanted to do the right thing. Unfortunately, with a

bit of a sordid past to contend with, he had to work hard to show that he had righted himself out and that he was worthy of being respected

as a good and changed person. Time after time, James (aka Saul) wrestled with himself to do the right thing and though unscrupulousness

would have given him the success he so desperately wanted – he would choose the high road. This was a man who, more than anything wanted to

prove that he was worthy, especially in the eyes of his older brother. Respected. Seen for his value. Recognized for his capabilities.

Here was a man trying to be good. A Good Man. But, as it turned out – due to a single person’s inability to see James McGill for his worth,

ability, and value as a person, and instead only saw him for his previous mistakes – James also could no longer see himself as having any

worth. Afterall, if no one ever gives you a chance to see you for the strengths you posses, how will you ever break free of your weaknesses?

I’ve been thinking about this. How the simple act of looking for another’s goodness can be the thing that steers them the right direction.

How large and drastic of an impact we can have on another’s path in life, if only we choose to give others a chance to prove themselves.

… So thank you @AMC_TV & @BetterCallSaul for this lesson. I’m already looking forward to next season! #BetterCallSaul

via amctv.com



2 Comments on Making Saul Goodman

  1. I’m glad you cross post because I am sure I am one of the very few who DO NOT use twitter!! Never got into it and I’m just to busy to sit down and take the time to figure it out. Great post. I ready all of your postings and yes, even in the middle of the night! 2:24am

    • Thank you for reading all that I post. It’s nice to know that someone reads (even in the middle of the night); sometimes I’m just not sure who does, so it’s good to hear. 🙂 Did you watch Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad?

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