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Grow & Make DIY Bath Bomb Kit For Kids - Make Your Own Bath BombsLooking for a fun homemade gift idea or DIY bath bomb kit for kids, by any chance?

If you follow me on instagram then you probably already knew this, but this summer I’ve been in the middle of writing a script. And by “in the middle of writing” a script, I don’t mean that it’s something that I’m lazily working on here and there during an occasional naptime. I mean that I’m LIVING in the world of my story. For practically the past month and a half, everything I occupy my time with is secondary to The Script.

On the outside, I’m browning some ground turkey for dinner while my kids watch iPad, but on the inside I’m building ideas and dialogues and figuring out how to connect a character’s journey with another plot element. 

On the outside, everyone else is on twitter making one-line smarmy comments over the political issue of the day, and on the inside, I’m over here in my own world crying over the unfairness of life and feeling the same depths of emotion as my fictional character in order to write their dialogue during heartfelt scenes. 

It’s been a summer.

Anyway. I think that others have maybe begun to take notice, lol, because I had a few companies offer to send me products to review for my poor kids whom I haven’t been giving much attention. Just kidding. That’s not why they sent them to me – but it IS why I agreed to review them! Seriously, my kids deserve a medal for all they’ve had to put up with from their mother recently

So when Grow & Make offered to send me a DIY bath bomb kit, I said Sure! My almost 8-yr old daughter especially was totally into it. My 5 yr old son also thought they were pretty cool.

Below is a photo dump of our time making the DIY bath bomb kit. (yay for toddler naptime during this project!) I really liked that you could use the molds again if you wanted to make more after the kit was done. I also liked that the Grow & Make kit included a good amount of ingredients so that both my kids were able to make several bath bombs. They also sell exta supplies on their website too.

This DIY bath bomb kit is probably best for slightly older kids if you want them to do it as an independent project. My almost 8yr old could do a lot of the stuff herself, but she did need help with the final stiring since that’s the most delicate part where the ratios need to be pretty exact for the right consistency. It’d be good for adults to do on their own too. Or as a handmade gift idea.

For my 5yr old son’s turn, I had to do a lot of the project for him, but he still enjoyed choosing the scent/color/add ins and mushing them into the ice cube mold (the ice cube mold was ours since we’d already used us the 6 sphere molds for my daughter).

If this looks like something you’d like to do too, here’s the info about Grow & Make and their DIY bath bomb kit:

What is it: ALL KINDS of DIY boxes for food & beverage, bath & body, and home & garden
Cost: Every box is different, the cheapest I saw was $18 (lip balm), the most expensive I saw was $80 (hard cheeses kit)
Ages: While my two kids, (5 and almost-8) had fun with them, I’d say that they are probably best for ages 7+. While 5 and up would be fine with an adult to help, I’d imagine that they’d be a great fir for preteen, teens and even adults. 
PROMO CODE: You can use the code TRYDIY for $5 off your order

Enjoy the photo dump of our fun project!

Make & Grow DIY Bath Bomb Kit For Kids - Make Your Own Bath Bombs Make & Grow DIY Bath Bomb Kit For Kids - Make Your Own Bath Bombs Make & Grow DIY Bath Bomb Kit For Kids - Make Your Own Bath Bombs


Thank you Grow & Make for letting us try our your DIY Bath Bomb Kit!!

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