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I originally brought this post over from a previous blog of mine for two reasons:
1) Quite a few people have pinned the images and I’d rather that traffic re-route over to this blog, but also
2) because, in hindsight, that was a rather important week and I’ve often looked back on those two events with a longing that I could go back in time – or at least a wish that I could have been aware of what was about to come to place.

C’s first birthday party. The BEFORE picture that we didn’t know was the “before”.

Sun. 9/16/12, my daughter turned 1 and we had a birthday party for her.
Thurs. 9/20/12, I flew to Texas to host my sister’s baby shower.
Fri. 9/21/12, I received a phone call from KP. The phone call that ended up being THE phone call. I remember that exact moment, where I was sitting, how I didn’t really make a big deal of it at the time and figured that KP was making it seem worse than it probably was, how it felt anything but an important moment. If only I’d known.
Sat. 9/22/12, I hosted my sister’s baby shower. All was well and it was fun.
Sun. 9/23/12, I flew home and a new chapter of KP and mine’s lives began.

And here we are two years later and I’m now publicly confronting what happened and how we got to where we are now.

Here we go. Let the “hindsight” posts commence and it all slowly begin unfolding…deep breath…and go:

I am telling this now because if the point of my blog is to share what it’s like chasing a dream in Hollywood with a family in tow then it is extremely important to understand that life is not always great and that sometimes there are hard times. And this is the beginning of the story of our recent hard times.

First, a quick recap to bring us up-to-date with the events that began transpiring on 9/21/12.

In late 2010, KP was hired as a staff writer on an HBO show that he’d been working as a writer’s assistant for for the previous 2 seasons. It was a good time for us. The future seemed extremely promising. We were happy (except for the fact that we’d been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for two years, but that’s a different digression…). We bought our first ever cruise tickets for the week after Christmas aboard the Carnival Splendor, only to have it catch fire 2 DAYS after purchasing our tickets and our cruise was cancelled. So we stayed home over Christmas and, uh, conceived our daughter instead. Life works out funny sometimes.

C was born 9/16/11. KP’s HBO show had recently wrapped, but the show was not officially cancelled until late 2011. Yeah, we now had an infant to care for and pay for which was slightly scary, but much of KP’s writer salary was still in savings and enough to live on and we had a lot of faith that another show was right around the corner for him. I mean – HBO, guys. HBO. That’s a pretty big freakin deal to write on an HBO show. Surely there were more shows right around the corner.

Not much happens during the holiday season in Hollywood, so fast forward to early 2012. One of KP’s old co-workers and friends was starting up a production company and invited KP to join him. He’d secured an investor for the company and the two of them, KP and his old friend, began putting together some projects. KP was getting good money from this new venture, and for once in our lives, I felt like things were starting to be steady. For once. I started budgeting our income; I made plans to be able to pay off our credit card debts, and start to save up to eventually buy a house. For the first time, I really felt like this.was.it. We were finally, really, grown ups. We had money to spend and things were very comfortable.

And then 9/21/12 happened.

Apparently the financier of KP’s new production decided to suddenly pull out and break his contract. He emptied the company’s business accounts and suddenly – with absolutely NO notice – everything was gone. It wasn’t my business and I don’t know details to go into further here, all I can say is that KP was screwed out of money and a job.

But whatever. It’s business. It’s life. And life happens. And we have to move on.

But it didn’t just affect KP and I. It affected KP’s business partner. It affected the artists KP’s company had hired for some exciting new projects. Projects that now will never, ever happen. Not only because those writers and actors have moved on with their lives, but also because not all of those people are even with us on earth any more.

Huge breath…

Y’all still with me? KP will probably hate me for posting it as he doesn’t like to talk about things like this. But, well, this is what happened and *I* need to share it and be honest about it. Finally. There is no shame in these things. This is just the reality of life in this entertainment world and something to be embraced and talk about.

I’m going to save much more of this story for future hindsight posts. But because of the way KP was being paid from this new production company, he was not eligible for unemployment benefits and we suddenly were left with about a 60% income decrease. But KP had several other projects out, and was interviewing for other shows, and morale was still high and we were still hopeful that something else was right around the corner and that this sudden loss of income was only temporary. We slightly curbed our spending habits, but otherwise didn’t panic.

Oh, if only we knew. If only we knew.

More to come…

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