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(via L.A. Kids Consignment facebook page) See the blue plastic shopping cart, bottom center? That sold for $15, and earned me $10.50!)

Ok, so CRAZY me decided to sign up to do consignment sale right around my due date. I knew I might eventually regret trying to take on a sale, but I did it anyways, as every little bit of money helps right now…well, and it’s also kind of fun to scrounge around at garage sales for good deals…

The sale took place last weekend, May 1-4, but all items were dropped off on April 28 (my due date), so I was pretty much tagging and pricing and cleaning items up until the point I went into labor, and then finishing up in the couple days immediately after birth too. Note to self: never try to do a sale and have a baby at the same time again. 🙂

Anyway, I just tallied up all my earnings, and here’s how I did:

All in all, I put 109 items into the sale. Of those 109 items, 59 items were ones that I purchased at garage sales for the sole purpose of flipping for a profit. (See HERE and HERE to see what I bought at the garage sales.) The other 50 items were things I had around my house I wanted to get rid of.

In total, I asked $563 for the 109 items.
I sold 73 items for $348.75.
As a consignor, I earned 70%, so I will be receiving a check for $244.13.

However, for the sake of this blog, I assume that people really only care about the 59 items that I bought in garage sales and that I talked about HERE and HERE. 🙂

So…here is the summary of those 59 items and if it was worth it or not:
I went garage sale-ing on three different days, and spent spent a total of $65.
I asked $297 for all the items.
I sold 42 of the 59 items.
My sales of those 42 items were $222.25.
My consignor earnings (70%) were: $155.58

So, all in all, on my garage sale items – I made a profit of $90.58 ($155.58 – $65) at the consignment sale. (However, if I include the quick turnaround on ebay I made from that Hypnobabies course, then it’s like I really made $180.58. :)) Not as great as I was hoping I’d do…but not horrible, either. Yes, it was extra work, and I can’t say that the time I put into it was equivalent to what I’d make in a minimum wage job, but eh, as I’ve said before, when you need the money, any little bit helps!

Plus, garage sale-ing is fun and a nice little break for “me time” on Saturday mornings. So even if I didn’t make tons and tons of money – I still enjoyed the whole L.A. Kids Consignment Sale Adventure #2.

But I probably shouldn’t have done it right around my due date… 🙂


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