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Dinner at Home by Anjanette Barr at Raising the Barrs ($5.99)
Dinner at Home isn’t a cookbook or how to cook tutorial; it’s an easy to read kitchen guide and book of encouragement for smart outside the kitchen folks.

Ronni’s Review: This book seems to be aimed as those hopeless in the kitchen. I skimmed through the first 25 pages or so and it tells the story of the author and how she came to learn how to boil water (seriously!). 131 pages. Not really for me, but I could see see how this could be encouraging for someone who felt extremely lost when it comes to food prep.

Little Owls Meal Planning Printables & Recipe Cards by Mollie Johanson at Wild Olive ($5)
The Little Owls Meal Planning Printables and Recipe Cards offer helpful planning pages with adorable owls and hilarious puns.

Ronni’s Review: 13 pages and 7 pages. I mean, the owls are cute, but this feels like a free printable you could find online, or maybe pay a buck for. There’s not much to this one.

Plan It, Don’t Panic by Stephanie Langford at Keeper of the Home ($4.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
Learn to meal plan in a way that not only helps your family eat better, but also saves you money, time and stress.

Ronni’s Review: 84 pages. I only spent a moment looking through it, but it seems like a good place to start when trying to figure out how to meal plan. If you’re looking to learn how to meal plan, this could be a good one for you. 50 Amazon reviews, 4.5 stars.

Slash Your Grocery Budget and Eat a Whole Foods Diet with Aldi by Carrie Willard at Carrie
Willard ($3.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
Learn how to feed your family a nutritious whole foods diet with ALDI grocery stores, while spending less than you ever have on food.

Ronni’s Review: I’ve heard cool things about Aldi, but we don’t have any nor have I ever seen one. So I’m not going to look through this one.

The Grocery Shrink by Angela Coffman at Grocery Shrink ($9.99)
Discover one mom’s method for feeding her family of 5 for less than $200 a month, including printable charts and planning sheets, data tables, and her favorite recipes.

Ronni’s Review: 115 pages. I think this book had a lot of good info it, but it felt just a touch outdated and could maybe be updated a bit. I think this could still be helpful for those who have no idea how to save money on food and groceries.

Tiny Owl Guide to Hospitality by Nina Nelson at Tiny Owl Creative ($7.99) ** SEE AMAZON REVIEWS HERE **
The Tiny Owl Guide to Hospitality is the only guide you need to learn how to start enjoying hospitality right now wherever you’re at or whatever budget you’re on.

Ronni’s Review: I skimmed through this. I think that if you’re looking for some encouragement that you can host gatherings, then this will be for you.


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