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There’s a TON of “logic” games out there, but tbh, a lot of them are more about entertaining than teaching critical thinking. I have a background in math & logic & since critical thinking skills are sorely needed in today’s world, I decided to review as many of these “logic” games that are currently on the market as I can in order to help you find the best one for your kids. This review is about: JUNGLE LOGIC: A DEDUCTIVE LOGIC GRID PUZZLE GAME.

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DISCLOUSURE: I paid for this game with my own money.

Jungle Logic: A Deductive Grid Logic Puzzle

From the manufacturer:

Using the principle of Sudoku, the grids impose constraints for placing the nine wooden tokens. Find the solution to each of the 30 progressively difficult challenges!

This is a strategic game that will test your problem-solving skills and creativity. The game includes 30 challenge cards (increasing levels of difficulty), 9 animal tokens, and 1 instruction booklet. To start, choose a challenge card. Each card has a 3” x 3” grid (9 sections), holding a specific spot for each animal. Each row of sections will either be blank, or picture an animal with a number indicating how many animals are in that row. Based on the animals indicated on the card, place each token on a card section. Once all sections are filled with tokens, no tokens should be left over. When you are satisfied with the outcome of the puzzle, compare it to the answer key in the back of the instruction booklet to determine your accuracy..


This is a great game that’s very similar to those logic grid puzzles that are pretty popular. This game is basically pure deductive reasoning in a form accessible to kids who either can’t read yet or who struggle with reading comprehension.

All my kids like this game, but for some reason my 4 yr old asks to play it the most. It’s a bit of a challenge for him, but he’s able to figure it out still (at least the lower challenge levels). I do have to sit with him & help him work it out when he makes a mistake, but for the most part, he can attempt it on his own. The older kids can do the whole thing by themselves.

Again, this is pure deductive reasoning. Each card has different facts (how many of different animals on each row/column and/or where some animals must be placed) and then the player has to make sure they follow the boundaries to solve.

I like these kinds of games because they don’t teach kids HOW they must solve it, but it instead allows them to use their own brains as to how to come up with the solution.

(I’m a believer in the strategy that it’s more important to teach our kids that they CAN think, rather than HOW to think. I explain more about this here)

Once the puzzle is solved, you can look up the solutions in the provided answer booklet.

Great concept. Easy to play/understand rules. Teaches traditional logic skills. Easy to clean up. Though it states it’s for ages 7+, even preschoolers/early elementary can play once they understand the concept & if there’s someone to help if they get stuck.

I wish the solutions were not a separate booklet (that I’m afraid will get lost or damaged) but instead on the flip side of each card. I also wish that the game came with extra pieces because I just KNOW one of them is going to get lost & then we can’t play the game at all, though I suppose I could always DIY a new piece myself if I had to.

Recommended Ages: 7+ (though my 4 yr old could solve some of the beginner cards with my help)

Players: Single player

Retail Price: $16.99

Where to Find:
(**When possible, I STRONGLY encourage shopping at smaller retailers instead of the mega stores such as Target/Amazon.**)

Rainbow Resource


Moonshot Games

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