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8/19/14: The following post is from the archives of a previous blog of mine. I’m posting it mostly because some of the Ice Cream Cone party pictures have been pinned a bunch of times and I’d rather have that traffic reroute here. :)


Originally posted 9/25/12:

This past weekend I flew home to help host my sister’s baby shower. The weekend before was C’s first birthday. I already posted some pictures on facebook, however I’m going to post some here too.

First, C’s Birthday. It was an “ice cream cone” theme:

 I tried the frozen balloon trick I saw on pinterest. It didn’t really work for me. But it looked fun! Notice the yellow one that’s popped in the bottom bucket and how it left a frozen egg shape. Oh – and there were cokes and water in there too, not just alcohol! :)

 Ice cream rice krispie treats.

 I DID make this cake. The ice cream is cake balls. Other than my awful cake writing, this actually turned out pretty nice, I thought!

 And of course, the cake smash! (KP has a bandana on because he’d been grilling and sweating)

 C’s been learning a tiny bit of sign language and here she is doing the “all done” sign. It was super cute!

Next, the baby shower I threw for my younger sister. It was a “Rain Shower” theme. :)

 I could not get these ducks to float sitting up! But I thought it was funny, so I just left them in the punch anyway.

I did not make this cake. The roommate of the other girl hosting the shower did. It’s pretty awesome though!

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