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Have you ever heard of Mix.com? Or wondered how to use Mix? Yeah, yeah, I know you’re probably already on social media overload and not looking for something else but hear me out – I think Mix is better than Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. Here’s why:

Why Mix is better than Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter

Facebook: Like many of us, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Tbh, I’d leave it altogether, but I stay because some of the groups are my only real social connection. I’d also delete my blog facebook page, except that I like it as a place to share blog posts & articles I found interesting. 

But I otherwise hate facebook. I hate it mostly for its’ contribution to our societal polarization (see my “You’re being manipulated” blog post and The Great Hack on Netflix), but also for it’s tendency to suck away all my time.

Twitter: Since I’m on the topic, I also hate twitter. I’ve got a twitter profile of course though. Occasionally I post about movies or tv shows or mom life complaints, but I just can’t handle twitter herd mentality. I eschew it with a passion. Sure, twitter is a great place for sharing articles, but if I spend any time at all on it, I find myself depressed. Not at the events of the world, which yes, are often quite sad, but saddened at people’s riled-up behavior and mob attacks. So I stay far far away when I can.

Pinterest: I like Pinterest. I’ve been using Pinterest for omg almost 10 years now. Pinterest has its’ purpose and when I need ideas or recipes or feel like browsing around for fun, Pinterest is my go-to. Pinterest is great for the simple stuff, like Date Night Subscription Box Ideas. But for thinking about truly interesting things? And if I want to share longer, more in-depth articles? Eh, Pinterest’s not so much the thing. 

Though it’s not as popular or well-known as other social media channels, I’m finding a home with Mix. It’s like Pinterest – but for articles. For people who actually want to take a moment, read something longer than chunks of 280 characters, and really ponder on an idea before spouting off a opinion. 

Basically, it’s a match made in heaven for anyone, like myself, who enjoys thinking too much. And I want more people to discover its’ beauty so I’m writing this post to try to get more people using Mix. ?

What is Mix? How to use Mix?

Mix is a website where you can collect, bookmark, share, and organize interesting online articles. 

Seriously, just think Pinterest. But for news articles and/or contemplative blog posts. 

There’s a home page, where you can find a feed of articles. From there, you can select one of three tabs:
For You: based on your preset interests. 
Following: articles shared by those you follow.
Popular: what other people think are trendy.


All your saved online posts & articles are added to your profile to find and read later:


You can also organize them into collections (like boards on Pinterest). Also like Pinterest, people can follow your entire profile and everything you post – or they can just follow specific collections. 


The one other cool thing that Mix offers is the Explore button. You can find it by
a) in a browser – in the top right after clicking the browser extension icon, or
b) in the app – in the bottom right after clicking to expand any article.

Clicking the Explore button shows you a random article/post that you might like, based off your interests and/or people you subscribe to.

Honestly, imho, this is a way more mind-healthy way to browse the web than scrolling through your facebook feed!

Be mind-healthy.
Forgo facebook.
Switch to Mix. 

Ooh, I like that. That’s my new tag line for this blog post. 


How to use Mix to save articles/blog posts you find online?

A few ways:
1) On a desktop, you can install the Mix browser extension. This puts a little icon at the top of your browser. Whenever you find an article online that you want to save, just click the icon.
(Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

2) If you’re on a tablet/smartphone, you can download the Mix app (through AppStore or GooglePlay). Then, once you find an article/post to save, click the ‘share’ icon, and choose to share to Mix. 

3) If the post/article you’re reading has a Mix share icon in its’ share icons, then just click the icon. 

4) There’s also the low-tech way of highlighting & copying the post url itself, then going to your Mix account (whether in the app or browser), clicking the “+” button, and manually adding the article yourself.

4a) In a browser, look for the orange circle at the top right of every page of your Mix account.

4b) In the app, it’s a bit harder to find, but you have to go to the Explore page and then look in the top right corner.



What else?

That’s about it! Mix is super simple, and that’s what I love about it. 

No “what do all my friends think about this so I can know what *I* should think about it too?”.

No “OMG, I am soooo making a statement by publicly posting this to my feed, aren’t I so cool?”.

No “guys, I think you’re all wrong because this article says this and so now let’s all fight about it in the comments”

Mix is simply a place to:
a) store interesting things you’ve read online that you’d like to bookmark for later, and 
b) find new interesting things online that you’d like to read. 

That’s it. 

Sure you can find an article you like and then share it to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc if you’d like in order to get all those sounding board reactions. But. You don’t have to. And the ‘don’t have to’ part is the part that I like most. 🙂 

If you’d like to sign up/subscribe to me on Mix, I’d love to have you there! I typically mix articles about the same kinds of things I post here in this blog, like mom life and marriage, but I also use Mix as a place to store articles on all my science-y thinking stuff. Especially the more nerdier thing I like to think about like: Time, Space, Theoretical Astrophysics, Higher Dimensions, etc. Lol. I’m weird guys, ok? 

You can find my Mix profile here: Think Too Much Mom Mix profile

Or here’s a link to my Mix collections if you’d like subscribe to single topics only: Think Too Much Mom Mix collections



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