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I’m home in Texas for a family reunion. As always, I have about 15 different blog posts and topics swirling around in my head if I’d only I’d sit down for an hour to focus and write them out. My hope is to get at least one (maybe 2?) blog post written before I leave here on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, so this invention thing of mine? Yeah, the one I won’t stop talking about? Yeah, that one. :) I’ve decided to go for it! My dad and I spent a couple hours at IHOP last night doing a patent search and him giving me advice on how to go about everything. (He currently holds 9, soon-to-be-10, patents for semiconductor industry related products, so in my eyes, he’s a patent pro. :) )


First stop: Filing a provisional patent. I hope to get this done in the next week or two. Once that’s filed, maybe (just maybe) I’ll actually give a hint of what in the world I’ve been working on here on this blog.

After that: perfect a prototype and possibly start testing.

In a year: File for a full utility patent.

Eeek! This is kind of exciting! Wish me luck everyone and stay tuned!

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