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  • **Brainy Breakfasts by Trisha Gilkerson at Intoxicated on Life ($10.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Breakfasts by Lisa Wells at Cook E at Paleo ($15.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • Holiday Cooking: A Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Celebration by Terry Fites, M.D. at Molly Green Magazine ($5.95)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • Whole New Mom’s Allergy-Free Meal Plan by Adrienne Urban at Whole New Mom ($14.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.



  • A Mother’s Guide to Probiotics by Melanie Christner at Honest Body ($19.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • (OC) Autism Diet Success Workshop by Julie Matthews at Nourishing Hope ($47.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.
  • **Crunch by Dr. Orlena Kerek at Snotty Noses ($15.00)
    Review: 150 pages. 4.9/5 stars w/9 reviews on Amazon. This is usually my biggest hangup on trying to eat healthy. My kids don’t eat anything healthy I put in front of them. They would rather not eat, but then hours later, beg me for snacks. I try giving them their old healthy food to eat, but they won’t. Grr…I definitely need to develop better eating habits with them. 

    Ha – I LOVE that the author of this book gave a quick “cheat sheet” at the beginning of the book for people who are looking for quick answers without having to read the entire thing. Because that’s exactly what I did going into the book. 🙂 

    I’ll definitely come back and read this book more in depth soon.

  • From the Birthing Tub: 50 Inspiring Stories of Natural Childbirth by Genevieve and the Mama Natural Community ($12.00)
    Review: Coming Soon.


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