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This morning was a bit out of the ordinary; KP and I had a meeting to go over some pitch notes (look at me all “industry” and having pitch note meetings :)). I got a babysitter and drove down to Venice and everything; KP met me there from work. Before the meeting – and alone, without the kids – we quickly grabbed coffee together and I commented to KP how, in a way, it kind of felt like a weird sort of date for us. A morning business date, maybe? Either way, it was alone time, just us, no kids, where our main focus was on being adults and a couple, and not being parents.

What our "at-home date nights" unfortunately usually look like.
What our “at-home date nights” unfortunately usually look like.

I think the last time we hired a babysitter for a date night we went to a coffee shop with our laptops to work together. I don’t even remember the last time we had a “proper” date night. Is that pathetic, ha ha?

One thing I’ve been interested in for a long time is the idea of at-home date nights. Cause you know, babysitters are expensive and with any luck, kids go to bed and parents have a little bit of time to themselves at night. In fact, there was time, a couple years ago, where I was really into The Dating Divas and tried to do some of their at-home dates…but the setup was a bit daunting to Mrs. Scatterbrained like me and I only managed to have two at-home date nights before falling out of the passion for them. (though I still think that The Dating Divas is a great website and resource – so many free printables and creative date ideas. The site is definitely worth checking out if you’ve never visited.)

datenightsubboxes_bwcoupleHowever, last month, I discovered that there are companies out there that offer At-Home Date Night SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! Which is just plain awesome because then you really don’t have to think about anything at all and date nights magically show up on your doorstep! After surprisingly finding eight date night subscription box services out there, I wrote a post listing the specifics of each (check it out here: there’s some cool offerings out there!).

One of the date night box services, Datelivery, in celebration of their 24 month (or 2 year) birthday is giving out 24 FREE BOXES….AND…wait for it…they chose ME (yes, little ole me) to be one of their 24 bloggers to host a GIVEAWAY for one of the boxes!! How awesome is that, right? I know. It’s awesome; I love giveaways. And I love subscription boxes. And date nights. At home. In a box. It was basically win-win-win-win-win.

Yeah, except it gets even awesomer. On top of getting to give away a date night box for free, I also get to give a special 20% off discount code to anyone who ‘name drops’ my special code when ordering a monthly subscription. I’m totally becoming a legit blogger, here, folks!

One cool thing about Datelivery at home date night boxes is that 3- and 6-month gift subscriptions come with a free $50 credit to CanvasPop to be used toward any canvas print. I’m not positive if my discount code will work with this offer, but if so, that would be pretty cool as a wedding or anniversary gift!

casinoboxdateliveryWant a date night with your significant other, but don’t want to plan anything for it, or have to leave the house? (it’s not laziness; it’s economical 🙂 ), Then check out Datelivery.

Like what you see and want to subscribe? Use the code SCRNWRITERSWIFE for 20% off monthly subscriptions (expires 7/7/15)

Or, if you’re not sure if you’re willing to commit yet, might I at least entice you to enter my giveaway below for a free date night box? Hey, you can’t beat FREE!

This giveaway will end Sun. 7/5/15 at 11:59pm PST. Good luck to everyone; I hope YOU win!

(oh, and by the way, I’ll be upfront and let you know that I’m getting zero dollars for this post, in case you were wondering. I’m doing this just because I thought it’d be fun and I like giveaways and discount codes and date nights and figured some of you might too. Enjoy! 🙂 )

(If you’re reading this post in a blog reader feed right now, you’ll need to click though in order to enter the contest.)


10 Comments on GIVEAWAY: Datelivery At Home Date Night Box (& 20% off code)!

  1. I like Carnival Date Night because my boyfriend and I love watching movies and eating snacks!

  2. Stopping over from quick-takes. Such a neat service! I had no idea it existed but sounds great! Love the cookie making one because I am all about cookies lately! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I like the Cookie Making Date night. I love to bake with my husband and this just looks like it would be so much fun to do together.

  4. I like the Casino night viva Las Vegas box. We recently visited our first casino together while on vacation and we both love the Hangover so that is why I like this past box the most.

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