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Anyone remember this post, of my garden at the beginning of March? Well, it looked like this:

IMG_0775 (1280x898) (1031x741)
I haven’t been very good about documenting my garden’s growth in posts – but I have been taking monthly pictures. Not to brag, but I think that, so far, this year may be my best garden ever! And it’s actually been a really easy garden too. I think I’ve finally gained enough little bits of information about specific kinds of plants and my particular garden’s environment, soil and sunlight needs so that I could better know how to work with what I’ve got instead of against it.

Here’s a quick garden progression from March-to-April-to-May-to-June.

gardenMar15 gardenApr15gardenMay15gardenJun15

My garden had EXPLODED the past few weeks! No harvest yet, other than a few green beans, but soon!

IMG_2288 (852x1280)I finally learned how to stake (rather than cage) tomatoes and how to pinch off shooters so the plant doesn’t get out of control.







IMG_2295 (1024x683)I’ve never grown popcorn, or any other corn before, but man, they’re already over 6 ft tall! And look at the tops – I guess those are beginnings of an ear of corn?



IMG_2296 (624x1024)This is the first time I’ve ever grown spaghetti squash too and had no idea what to expect. The vine was getting out of hand, so I put a second cage on top to give the vine a lot more room to climb up! I’ve even getting a couple tiny fruits growing. It will be interesting to see how they grow.





IMG_2302 (1024x683)Every year, I always run out of room for my green beans to climb, so this year I strung some string to the tall bushes along the walkway. We’ll see if the green beans take to it.



IMG_2304 (1024x805)Oh and the carrots are making it hard to walk the garden path now – not sure how much longer these have, but I’ll likely give them at least a few weeks before pulling up a few to see if they are big enough.

6 Comments on Garden: June 2015

  1. Awesome! I dont know how you find the time to keep up on all this but I love reading your post!

  2. That looks great! We’re working on our little garden too. I think it takes a while to figure out what you like to grow as well as what grows well in your space. We’re still working on it. 🙂

  3. Um, can I come over for dinner and gardening lessons? That looks amazing!

    Can’t wait to see you again in a couple weeks! In Charleston!!!

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