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Well, I’m back at it! I’ve signed up for another consignment sale (see here and consignment sale for the previous sales I’ve done) in mid-October and so I’m beginning my small income generating hobby of buying and reselling garage sale items. :)

California drought = brown  grass
California drought = brown grass

For the above, I spent $37. Here’s a rundown of the items and what I’m hoping to sell each for:

Vtech First Steps 3-in-1 Cruiser: I’ll ask ~$15-18, will discount 50% on last day of sale if not yet sold.
Spiderman Scooter: ask ~$20-25, will discount.
Playskool Music N Lights Sit N Spin: ask ~$10-12, will discount.
Plastic Tonka Dump Truck: ask ~$5-6, will discount.
CARES Fly Safe Airplane Harness: This was my best find of the day! I’d been looking at these online for awhile and wondering if they’d be a good thing to have when flying. This was only $5! They sell for $70 new and have a great resale value. I could easily sell this on ebay and might not wait for the consignment sale. Or I might just keep it for myself. :) Either way, I’m thinking I’ll ask ~$45-50 for this, and NOT discount. I can definitely sell this.
Alphabet Letters Bath Toys: ask $3, will discount (and donate if they don’t sell).
Plastic Bowling Set w/6 pins: ask ~$4-5, will discount, and donate.
Learning Resources Tape Measure: ask $5, will discount.
Lamaze Soft Book/Rattle: ask $4-5, will discount.
Olliblocks wooden dolls: ask $3, will discount.
Mudpuppy puzzle: ask $7, will discount.
Parents/Manhattan Toy Zebra Puzzle: $5-7, will discount.
18 Dr. Suess/Disney books: ask ~$2-3 each (total: $36-72), will discount.
Illustrated Stories for Boys book: ask $4, will discount.
Treasury of Classic Children’s Stories/Classic Fairy Tales books: ask $5 each (total: $10, will discount.

Overall I’m going to ask $176+ for the items I spent $37 on. We’ll see how things go…

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