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Sometimes, I sign up and obligate myself to things that I kiiiindaaa know I shouldn’t, but I do it anyways, hoping that things will just all nicely work out. Hopefully. Maybe if I cross my fingers tight enough. Maybe?

(via L.A. Kids Consignment facebook page)

You know how I mentioned in consignment sale about the cool consignment sale I participated in last month? Well…the next location is having their sale May 1-4, 2014. But of all the locations each year, this is the hugest of them all. DOUBLE the size of the sale I participated in last month. An incredible money-maker opportunity.

My due date is April 28.

I can make it work though, right? I only have one more week of work and then I’m going on maternity leave. I’ll have a whole month off before my due date (well, Spring Break is the first week, then I take 3 weeks of leave. Gotta love something about California; we can take up to 4 weeks before our due date off, AND get disability payments!) So I’m thinking that if I’m really good about taking care of things during my pre-baby leave, that I can have everything I’m planning to sell cleaned, tagged, entered into the system, and organized neatly in the garage in plenty of time. KP has already agreed to load up the car and do the drop-off himself, as well as work the volunteer shift for me.

I mean, worst case scenario, if I’m actually IN labor on the date he has to drop everything off, eh, we can always cancel at the last minute and will just be out our registration fee. But otherwise, the other possibilities are a) I’m still huge and pregnant and sitting around waiting for something to happen, or B) I have a new little baby in my arms, and my mom will likely be visiting by then and I’ll be able to handle KP being gone for an hour.

Right? I can make this work, right? Eek…I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew…

So I signed up to consign. And it’s a good thing I did when I did. ALL 650 consignor spots filled up within a matter of HOURS. This is going to be a huge sale! If you live in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely plan to check it out: https://web.archive.org/web/20210303011012/http://www.lakidsconsignment.com/index.html

KP and I are already planning on doing some serious downsizing in the next couple months, so along with the inventory I already have around my house that I’m planning to sell (that I wasn’t yet willing to part with for the previous sale), I decided to again start “picking” garage sales in hopes of supplementing my consignment sale profits.

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of get a thrill out of both the treasure hunt of the whole thing and getting the amazing deals at garage sales that I do; I feel like I’m becoming a garage sale aficionado. Someday I will write up a whole blog post about how to get the most out of garage sale shopping. I think I’ll also write a separate post with tips for those wanting to host their own garage sale, because seriously, I think people have no idea what we “garage sale experts” (which I’m now self-claiming I am :)) can tell about you/your sale/your potential for success in just a glance or two at your ad/signs/lawn…

Meanwhile, this morning I went out garage sailing (I don’t think there’s a “proper” way to spell ‘sale-ing’, so I’m gonna stick to ‘sailing’ for now). I think I’m going to start documenting my garage scale scores on this blog. Why not? It’s fun! Ok, ok, it’s really the only thing I do “for fun” nowadays, so just let me have this and go with it, ok? 🙂

I only made it to a few sales this morning and didn’t even hit all the ones on my list, but I got pretty lucky at two of the sales and quickly spent up the $30 cash I had on me, so I called it quits early.

Sale #1: Ride On Toys
Yes! Ride On toys are supposedly one of the top sellers at the L.A. Kids Consignment sales and they go quickly. So I always try to snag them if I can get them for a good deal. This particular sale had FOUR ride-on toys out, and after I asked their individual prices, I asked if I were to buy them all, if she’d negioate a little with me. She said sure. (I should probably mention that my 8.5 month obvious pregnant belly probably helps me out a bit here :)). I took a few minutes to look though some other toys, and found two shape sorters and a little soft book that I liked and asked if she’d take $20 for all. Deal! A nice older gentleman even carried them all to my car for me.

Of course, while I was looking at the other toys, a couple other shoppers asked how much the ride on toys were, and I had to say (sweetly and with a smile, of course) that I was probably buying them all. Gotta defend my territory, ha ha!

Here’s what I bought, all for $20:


Little Tikes Pedal Car, Blue: This is a bit older, so I couldn’t find it on Amazon for a similar retail price, but I’ll probably ask $10-12 for it, and discount it 50% on the last day if it doesn’t sell before then.

Fisher Price Fire Truck Ride On: All the buttons work and this is in decent condition still. Similar ones on Amazon look like they retail for $50-$80 brand new. I’ll ask $15-18. And again discount the last day.

Big Wheel: These things still retail new on Amazon for $50-60. I remember these from my childhood, but never had one. I had no idea they were still around! If I can get it cleaned and spruced up enough, I’ll ask $15-18, and discount. They’ve been around for awhile, and I find the classic, sturdy, toys tend to sell pretty well.

Battery Operated Power Wheel, Pink: I couldn’t find this on Amazon. I found a similar product, but it came with an outlet charger. This one runs on D batteries. The charger one retails for $80, new. This one is a little beat up; I’ll have to remove all the stickers and spruce it up some, but I’ll probably try to ask $15-20, and discount.

Fisher Price Shape Sorter Bucket: I played with this version in my childhood, so it’s a but older, but still in good shape. I’ll ask $6 and discount.

Wooden Shape Sorter: There’s not very many shapes with this, and a couple of the shapes look a little beat up (but still very useable), but I find that wooden toys always sell well because they are durable. I’ll ask $5 and discount.

032214sale1bookMy Little Books soft book: I didn’t notice until I got home that one of the book inside looks like the corners have been chewed on. Bummer; the other little books look brand new. I’m not really sure how I’m going to package this at the sale, but I’ll probably ask $3-4 and discount.

Sale #2:
Pregnancy Books

At first, I didn’t think I would find anything at this sale. The ladies running it were very nice and immediately upon seeing me, told me that they had a whole section of maternity clothes to sell, ha ha. I thanked them, but told them I only had 5 weeks left and was pretty good on clothes at this point. I looked around and found a few toys, but nothing I was super interested in. They had a play house with tunnels, but as I learned at my previous consignment sale, these are hard to sale because there’s no place to display them at the sale without them getting damaged, so I passed.

I was about to leave, when the owners asked if I needed any pregnancy books. I said maybe and they showed me a whole box of books. The books were in really nice condition and there were quite a few of the more currently popular titles like the Dr. Sears books, the Jenny McCarthy book, a few books on Baby Signing, Happiest Baby on the Block, and just some of the other books that I know (from online message boards and such) are the currently “hip” pregnancy books. Books typically don’t have really have great re-sell values, BUT I know that the audience at this consignment sale would buy titles like these, so I started trying to figure out how much I need to get them for in order to be worth it to me. As I was looking through the dozen or so books I noticed a small CD wallet. Inside the wallet were 6 CDs on Hypnobabies. Score! This I knew could be worth something! The owner asked if I found anything I wanted. I hesitated for a moment, deciding what to do, and asked how much she’d be willing to sell me the entire box for. I think I caught her off guard. She said $10…and she’d throw in the plastic tub they were in too. I counted the books again, just to make sure I thought it’d be worth it, and agreed.


When I got home, I found in the bottom of the box the rest of the Hypnobabies Home Study materials. This course retails for $150ish online. Used, they’ve been selling on ebay for over $100. I’ll need to research more 032214sale2bin2to see what edition I have and if I have all the materials, but still. This was a TOTAL score! I don’t think I’ll even save this for the consignment sale; I think I’ll go straight to ebay for this.

I feel a bit bad for the lady who sold it to me though; I hope she knew it was in the box. Maybe she didn’t care. But she could have easily sold it on ebay herself. I’m going to assume that she knew it was in there and didn’t care. It’ll make me feel better. 🙂

UPDATE (3/23, 6pm): I posted on ebay this morning, aaaaand the Hypnobabies course is now SOLD as of 5:45pm for $90. Not a bad $80 profit and quick turnaround! I’m ALREADY making money from my garage sale finds! 🙂

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