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My last few posts have been on the heavier side which have also meant that I’ve written a lot fewer posts than I’d like to make a habit of. The past few posts have taken me a while each to write and I’d really, really, like to not limit myself to ONLY writing those lengthy posts (but not exclude myself from them either of course).

So I’ve decided that I want to try my hand at doing some of these weekly blog link up things. I’d eventually like to find 1 or 2 of them that I commit to doing most weeks. But right now, I’m just jumping in and trying a few and we’ll see what seems to stick.

And if anyone reading this has any suggestions of great weekly link-up, please leave a comment and let me know where the fun is and where I should join up!

For today though, and for my first EVER Blog Link Up, I’m going to start small with something easy and join the Five Favorites Link Up over at Call Her Happy (eek, this is so exciting to be all cool and jumping into the whole mommy blog network, where, I might note, I do not know a SOUL – I hope I’m not the weird outsider raining on some other cool group’s parade… :))

So here we go, my FIVE FAVORITE ways to procrastinate.

1. Overthinking.
Ha. I have spent um, the whole afternoon trying to think about what to write for this seminal FAVE FAVES post. And why you might ask? Um, because every.single.topic that popped into my brain did not seem good enough for some reason, or fitting enough, or seemed like it’d fit in better at another time of the year, or I couldn’t narrow it down to only 5, or whatever. It was always something.

In my defense(?), I typically spend so much time thinking about things before I do them under the often misguided belief that so much thinking about and planning it out before hand will make whatever task it is actually go quicker once I begin. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes that doesn’t.

Either way, thinking about things too much often keeps me from actually doing anything. (KP is going to just love that I’m saying this, I’m sure. He’ll probably make sure I’ll never live it down. Hmm, maybe I should have listed a different #1. Eh, too late now. I’m too lazy/tired/distracted/busy to figure out a better order than the way they pop into my head.)

2. Facebook.
Ugh. I’m sure this is one of everyone’s biggest time wasters. I hate facebook. Just kidding. I love it. Eh, I don’t know what I think about it. It exists, and it serves a purpose and when I only have 3 minutes to focus on something before being called another direction or while waiting for something else, facebook’s that go-to place to mindlessly numb your mind and maybe find out some news. And you, pretend that for a moment you’re connected to the outside world somehow.

I used to be really, really good at hardly getting on facebook. Like, for a good year or two, I’d only get on occasionally or to post pics. That was pretty great. But then I started this blog in February and figured I should start, you know, being on the up-and-up with the social-media-o-sphere. Maybe someday I’ll be able to ignore facebook again. But it just sucks that when you don’t seem many people in real life, that facebook (sadly, yes, oh so sadly) becomes this rather necessary outlet to the world.

Whatever. Facebook. It is was it is.

3. Sitting on the floor and just playing with my kids.
Because, I mean who can say anything bad about a mom spending quality time with her kids? You can’t. Parents are supposed to play with their kids. Now, maybe not ALL the time, especially when you have an actual JOB that you’re supposed to on your computer doing, but com’on, I can’t just not play with them and ignore them and go to my beckoning computer screen instead, right? Heh, yeah, I wish playing with my kids was a valid excuse to never have to do work, but alas, this is the real world and it is not so. At least playing with my kids on floor makes me feel more like I’m using my time more significantly than being on facebook. So hey, at least there’s that.

4. Working on my invention.
Oh, my invention? That I worked hard on filing a provisional patent for last summer? That thing? I still work on that? Yes. Yes, I do. I just haven’t talked about it much of my blog lately. But it’s still going! I have a few volunteer testers and I’ve just been updating my prototypes so that I can actually get them something decent to use with their babies.

This inventing thing has been an interesting experience. I’m kind of just going along with it. I’m never stressed about it, as I don’t have a deadline, and it’s really more like a hobby at this point. It appeals to my crafty/DIY side and is kind of fun. I’ve gotten so used to my little product that I kind of forget that it isn’t an actual real product out there for other people (yet at least) to use. And that no one else has ever heard of it. I’m still so curious how far I can take this, and if it will go anywhere, or if I some point I’m going to wake up and realize that this is a really stupid and that I wasted a lot of money on some dumb project.

Either way, it takes up a lot of my thoughts and it fun and I like thinking about how to improve it.

5. Amazon Lightening Deals/Adding to my Wish List
This is a seasonal thing, but it’s the holiday season now, and I already spend too much time on Amazon, so um, yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Amazon lately. I LOVE checking out the day’s Lightening Deals. I’m pretty much buying all my gifts this year from Lightening Deals.

I’ll even add lightening deals to my Amazon Wish list and then delete it as soon as the deal is over, just in case, some family member is looking at my wish list at that exact same time and is also obsessed with Lightening Deals like I am and will notice that the item is on sale RIGHT THIS MINUTE and buy it up quickly. I’m just trying to make shopping for me easy and cheap. 🙂

This #5 makes me sound like I’m a huge compulsive shopper doesn’t it? Yeah, I think it does. Which is funny, because I’m really almost as far from it as you can get. I could write a whole other post on how long it takes me to buy anything because I spend forever reading all the reviews of it and every similar product just trying to decide what’s best and if I can save $1 somewhere.


(p.s. I wonder if I should have added images to each of my five things above? Probably. But eh, you know what? It’s almost the end of Wednesday anyways, and I’m on the West Coast so it’s practically not even Wednesday anymore to the rest of the country, and this is only my.very.first.blog.link.up.post. I am allowed to start small here. So, yeah, I’m not going to find and post images this time. Maybe next time. But hey – I just wrote my very first blog link up post! Woot! Woot!)


I just realized that I need at least one image in the post, so here we go. ImageChef to the rescue!
I just realized that I need at least one image in the post, so here we go. ImageChef to the rescue!


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